Comics on Deck

This community can use a thread that just talks about conics coming out in the next week or two (past FOC).

Not necessarily hot books (we have threads for those), but just a catch all for interesting books. Or maybe just general questions about a particular book. Or maybe crappy books to avoid.


This book comes out next week.

Anyone know what’s so “special” about it?

We already have $1 versions, and the Page Punchers reprints.

I was hoping it would be a foil, but from what I gathered online, it’s offered with a $3.99 price tag, but at 85% off cover for retailers so they can stock up for the movie.

So special price for the comic shop, But otherwise nothing special for the collector.

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Nice idea, man! I’m all for it.

When Midtown updates their site for next weeks books for sale, I usually scan through to plan ahead on case I missed something.

Every so often something catches my interest.

Typically “special editions” are not “reprints”…as there is something “special” that differentiates them from just another printing.

But here’s one that’s a special edition AND a reprint…or is it a reprint of a previous special edition?