Commanders in Crisis 1:10 and 1:25 Up on TFAW

Haha… I wish I could do CHU full time, talk about a sweet gig… sadly I make most (if not 99%) of my money as techie devops guy…

The Momoko variant is pretty sweet.

The gandolfo cover is available at unknowncomics for $2.79 is this the 1:10 variant?

The virgin is the 1:10.

Aaahhh ok.

Are you sure? TFAW has the Momoko virgin as the 1:25 and the Andolfo as the 1:10.

Update: nevermind. Andolfo 1:10 is a virgin as well.

Yeah, I posted these on the main site… the virgins are the ratios while the trade dress versions are open orders… :slight_smile:

Okay, I read it before bed. It does start out a little slow but gets quite interesting at the end.

where can i read this if you dont mind me asking sir?

When you can buy it at your local or online comic shop… :wink:

Or create a website/blog, start doing a lot of reviews, establishing yourself as a great source for comic book news and reviews, then get Image to start sending you advance press reviews of their books…

I had to ask two or three times and say my readership stats before they added me to the press list. I think I wore them down.

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I check Mirka Andolfo’s store everyday and it looks like this book got the foil treatment selling from 2 stores.

I’m a sucker for foil covers, thanks for sharing!

PCKComics still has them if you missed it. I ordered 1 of each from them on Tuesday and already got it in perfect condition.