Commanders in Crisis 1:10 and 1:25 Up on TFAW

Commanders in Crisis Momoko 1:25

Commanders in Crisis Andolfo 1:10

For those interested.

Good Lord, did they have only 1 copy?

They might have more once they gather pre-order data.

I would hope so. There is like 10 variant covers. :joy::rofl:

The Andolfo 1:10 still available. $7.99 for 1:10 not bad price.

Yeah but TFAW to my knowledge doesn’t order a lot of shelf copies, they go by what is pre-ordered for the most part.

I added that. Thanks for the heads up. I wish they had a more standardized time because unless I have the next door neighbor’s kid write me a bot I just cant seem to find them before they are snatched up. Even with a limit of 1.

It depends on the title, just like any store. It’s a fine line between having enough to keep copies in stock for the first few weeks of something being on sale, and not being stuck with a warehouse full of modern back issues no one wants after the next issue(s) come out. Things get thrown for a loop when something heats up suddenly, obviously.

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What’s the info on this book? I seen the covers and thought it looked cool like We Only Find Them When They’re Dead.

Just finished reading this book. It’s very wordy and through most of the book I kept thinking to myself, where’s this going? Then the ending made me want to read issue #2. Now I have to wait… until issue #2. Might not be for everyone but it’s definitely a different take on super heroes type genre. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Might not be a spec hit but I can definitely see this becoming a streaming show perhaps one day since The Boys is seeing success currently. It’s not The Boys though for sure, just talking about the hero genre. We all know Ennis is just twisted in the mind and this title seems to take a different approach with the heroes.

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So I should read the preview I got in my press email, you’re saying? I feel lazy today though and you said it’s wordy. I need a dumb comic full of just bombastic action when I’m exhausted like today.

Yeah, not your feeling lazy type of read I think…

I’ll read it later after a nap, maybe. For now I"ll just reread a gratuitous Boundless-published comic full of gore and nudity to keep myself somewhat awake.

I have the same feedback as poyo. I read it and through the first half wasn’t super into it, but by the end of the issue I pre-ordered number 2.

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Yeah, it’s like… oh, wait a minute, this could get interesting. :slight_smile:

Fine, I’ll read it! I just need some more coffee and to finish some of the freelance ghostwriting gigs I’ve got that are keeping me from a sweet sweet nap.

Freelance ghostwriting? Naps are so much better than writing or reading… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but my two jobs are stay-at-home Dad and writing gigs I pick-up to have some income besides how flipping comics pays for my hobby of buying comics I want to simply own.

My blog doesn’t make me money, unlike you guys with CHU, rolling in the dough!

I kid, I know we’re all broke.

sounds like a build up series. I’ll give it a shot. I like this cover besides A as well