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The thing that cracks me up about all this is how soon Conan will be public domain in America as well (I believe he already is in the UK) so I don’t know why people are dropping any money to acquire a license they won’t have any power over before too long. Maybe someone with legal knowledge can explain it?

well that explains why some one made me an offer for dark agnes 1st app OA a few days ago.

Conan is, perhaps, one of the few remaining characters that Marvel, Dark Horse, Marvel, Ablaze, etc… have never screwed with like every single other character in the superhero universe. He’s never changed colors, it’s never been a relative of conan being “conan”, he’s never changed gender, dumb amalgamations, or any other lazy pieces of writing.

It’s refreshing to be a character that very few care about; but I truly love - and to stay as he was always intended to be. I hope Titan doesn’t change things and I doubt they will.


No. They will just add 100+ variants to issue 1 :wink:


@Gbess is probably underestimating!

Titan acquired the rights, not Marvel.

titan thats like one or two steps above dynamite

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