Conan series ordered by Netflix

Looks like Netflix will be adding Conan The Barbarian to its list of coming TV shows. Conan #1 should see a nice bump as this news will take most of the comic collecting community by surprise.

Another noteworthy book for Conan is Avengers No Road Home #6 where he’s first introduced to the Marvel Universe… so if this is something that happens (which it likely will with all the movies), might not be a bad pickup for the gamble while it’s still dirt cheap.

Hmmm. Depends on which conan and who the rights go to. I cant see disney letting this go to netflix when they have their own platform.

Netflix show…not Disney+ show…

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It’ll eventually make it back over. They’re probably letting Netflix test the waters and then they’ll steal it back is my assumption (like they did with the previous shows they let lapse)… :wink:

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I would rather this be on Netflix than D+… Could you imagine a blood thirsty, womanizing barbarian on D+? Anyway, big Conan fan and looking forward to it!


Great news, I will watch Conan on netflix app

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