Connection between King in Black #5 & Thor #6?

Remember that prophetic vision Thor experiences in Thor #6 which shows Thanos w/ the Infinity Mjolnir and a black Bracer/Gauntlet?

I know many have speculated that Thanos’s new bracer/armguard is Thane’s.


But does anybody see a similarity to Thanos’s gear and Knull’s new gear (as it appears in the KiB5 preview)?

Given the fact that these are all Cate’s creations, I’m now starting to wonder if Thanos somehow procures Knull’s gear post-KiB.

Any thoughts?


Well spotted! They do look really similar. You may be on to something.

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Speaking of Knull’s appearance, wasn’t Knull supposed to undergo changes during KiB (I seem to recall reading an interview with either Cates or Stegman teasing changes to Knull’s appearance during the event).

And I honestly was hoping we’d see some monstrous form of Knull similar to the one teased on the cover of Superlog’s 1:25 cover.

I wonder if we’re going to actually see some interesting changes to him in issue #5.

Nope… I’ve read the issue… I didn’t see any noticeable changes.

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Well, paint me disappointed.

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The spec at the time of the issues release was that it was more than likely Knulls “gauntlet”. Though others speculated it was Thane. So this has been out there that long. Nothing new about it.

I think the connection is that Knull says “The Darkness / Void has teeth” and I THINK this is a reference to the Black Winter.

If Black Winter destroyed the universe before the celestials seeded it perhaps Knull knows of or saw the Black Winter. Perhaps Galactus isn’t the sole Survivor?

Either way I am thoroughly unimpressed by KIB 5 and the conclusion of the Prey arc in Thor.

KIB 5 was weak in its ending. I liked how the Prey arc ended, but have seen some folk not liking it.

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I understand that Cates is likely setting up Blake to be used later in his Ragnarok event which I am fine with. My issue is how easily he was defeated after he tore through all of Asgard, Throg, Beta Ray Bill, etc.

Ragnarok event? It’s confirmed Thor is leading into an event? I suspected as much. I imagine it’ll have Thanos with the Infinity Stones in the hammer as we saw a peek of.


I’ll PM you.

Also, I am just parroting a theory about there being a Thor event I heard. It just makes sense to me.

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With empyre and death metal and king in black I feel event fatigue


I felt that after Batman RIP and battle for the cowl and return of Bruce Wayne. Quit comics all together after that.

Then after coming back years later grabbed adsolute carnage mini…realized these things still suck. Avoided KIB all together.


Welcome to the club I’ve been a member of for over a decade. It used to be just one big event usually in the summertime. Now it’s literally non stop.

Same. And some how Empyre turned out to be the best of those 3 events.