Cons are Back!

Well, At least one is.

Look at you, Connecticut!

Not even sure I’ll go, even though it’s practically in my back yard…


Awesome. I’m going to the one in South Carolina next week.

I’ll be there.
Terrificon and Baltimore are the 2 best shows in the Northeast

Nope, nope, nope…


I go to a local monthly show and it has been pretty good. Temp checks at the door and masks required for everyone with a only a certain amount of people able to be in a room.

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I have yet to see anyone ever turned away from one of these. If you have a fever high enough for one to detect it definitely, you probably are not in any condition to go anywhere without feeling absolutely miserable.

Seems like it’s just a false sense of security and encourages letting their guards down

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This is just irresponsible. This Covid sh*t isn’t over yet. Not the time for cons, as much as it saddens me to say.


Unfortunately there isn’t much in the Southwest that hasn’t already been canceled. Normally I would be getting stoked soon for Phoenix Fan Fest but they already canceled, perhaps prematurely

Availability bias isn’t logically valid. Just because you have not seen it, that does not mean it does not happen.
This also applies when people use ‘asking their kids’ as the foundation for their argument that Miles, and not Peter, is the Spider-Man of the future.

"I just ate dinner and I am full, therefore there is no world hunger’ is another example of this logical fallacy. :man_shrugging:


I think with vaccine rates increasing and cases hopefully dropping it is more okay than it would’ve been to try and hold a con six, even three months ago. People definitely need to be careful and I"m only going to stop by one late this month as I’ll be fully vaccinated and still be wearing a mask and social distancing at a small con I’m visiting.

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You can rationalize it however you need to make it ok with yourself. You’re a grown up and it is entirely your decision. It’s just my opinion that this is no time for gatherings of any kind, let alone one where everyone is digging through long boxes. Not trying to be combative, it just seems like a hazardous thing to hold at this time. While you are vaccinated and masked and sanitized, the next guy may not be. Doesn’t take much to spread this sh*t.


Oh stop it. No one else here has actually offered up a witness to say they’ve seen it work. Until someone does, i don’t believe they are useful. Maybe someday they’ll improve it to be more accurate.

He real story here is that even of screening caught one or two, there’s likely 10 times that getting in who are asymptomatic, and that is why masking is so important.

My child has had to quarantine twice in the last month…back to back…he was in school half a day before getting exposed again. Isolated cases. He also rides the bus home with them. All kids are back 5 days a week now in their school. They have dividers, but many share tables.

Both times he’s been negative. No one else in the class or on the bus tested positive To my knowledge.

So I still think scanners are a waste of time, and masking is the #1 weapon to keeping it at bay in

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I didn’t find you combative, @TheRedCollar, just offering a counterpoint. There are plenty of people who aren’t wearing masks or social distancing OR getting vaccinated who make everything a lot more risky and unsafe. In the perfect World we’d all be responsible as we can be, but we ain’t in a perfect World for sure. I see a variety of views on it all as cases hopefully drop and we get vaxxed.

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No kidding. That Spring break South Beach riot resulting Covid infection rate is epic. Saw some stats. And…drum roll…the variant ha ha, not comic related, is infecting 20-30 age range group. Side effects besides death, reduces sperm count or sterility.

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I remember once being young and thinking I was invincible… some kids have to learn the really hard way with some Darwin awards being handed out. :wink:


So you’re saying Covid promotes promiscuous behavior?

“We don’t need contraception, baby. I have a low sperm count due to getting Covid…!”

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Everyone’s favorite retcon man! Coming to Terrificon!

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