Consequential oddity?

So totally weird, just noticed one of my two mint box Heavy Mandos has the gun bent towards front of the package. Looks as though it wasn’t securely seated in the plastic before being boxed. Is this fixable with a little pressure? I don’t want to open it to test but I want to know if it would greatly effect future resale value. Thanks for any opinions on this oddity!

This is within the realm of normal production deviations I would say. MIB toy collectors can get particular, just like all collecting communities. There are those who would shrug and just bend it back out of package or just not mind it and keep it in package. Of course, you’re particular buyer will inevitably be the finicky type who will take exception to it, so best to disclose as always.

I’ve found these things resolve by running them under hot water, bending it with light, persistent pressure until cool.

As I remember, that particular part isn’t very hard plastic and it’s pretty malleable. Probably what lead to the problem in the first place.

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Appreciate the honest take on it! Running it under hot water is a damn solid pro tip

I used to make a lot of custom action figures and would do that to remove pesky stuck and tight pieces. I muddled together an Armorer before the official release out of a Hoth Leia and Qi’ira and those pieces were small, delicate, and stubborn to get out. Hot water all day.

Dude that’s sick! How the heck did you make the helmet?!

Gotta give credit where credits due on that one. 3D printed by Wattos scrapyard. He has great stuff for Black Series. Painted it myself with Citadel paints.

I also did a Ahsoka Clone Trooper that didn’t turn out as well as I wanted:

I’m thinking of doing Darth JarJar next:

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Here’s his ebay: | eBay

Looks like he just added high republic stuff like Avar Kriss and some Mando stuff like Bo Katan

This is like Warhammer 40k-level dedication! I didn’t even realize this was going on. A random child has better fine motor skills than me so I can only stand in awe of this kind of detail and paint work

It’s pretty fun and reading when I actually find the time to do one. I’ve done other non-Star Wars figures as well.