Cool Vintage Star Wars Additions

COVID has put a damper on my area toy searches, but I finally had a nice pick up of some cool items. While they weren’t as popular back in the day, I always loved the Micro line as it was a cool mix of Star Wars and toy soldiers. These are all sealed.
The carded A wing pilot is in beautiful shape and such a cool color scheme.
Most importantly, the die cast Tie Bomber. A bit of a grail piece. Pretty rare with regards to normal distribution Kenner toys.
It was a test market item back then with only about 75,000 pieces made (which is actually very small). Very happy to have it.
Anyway, thought I’d share.


Awesome pick ups. I remember years ago selling my Star Wars figures and having regretted it ever since.


I always liked the micro stuff Kenner put out but they were expensive so I just kept to the regular size figures and vehicles.

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