Couple new books to overanalyze

Tessa’s Valkyrie had her 1st appearance in Exiles #2. She is also on the cover of the issue.

This is correct. I misread an article about this and I have no idea who the new Valkyrie is.

So, Future State Teen Titans 1 is warming due to the first cameo appearance of Red X in the DC universe. But, does that make issue 2 the first full?


And, does it make the B cover the one to get, as this is a mighty fine cover for a first full. I smell an always bet on A meme. I mean, the A cover isn’t too shabby either, and he is featured on the cover.


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Cover A is a dynamic full-body shot of Bat-Zorro Soni personally prefer it.

Plus, can’t go wrong with the Dutch angle!

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2nd print he’s on the cover…likely much less ordered. I’d go with that.


#2 has same sale date as 2nd print of issue #1

Did the 2nd print go up on Tfaw? Cant find it.

I went 2 of each cover A and B. And when I find the Tfaw link I’ll add 2 of the 2nd print. Not heavy at all but if it pops I’ll have a couple to throw online. $2.79 & $3.49 not bad for potential.


Just did my tue site hop and alot of books are sold out. Teen titans 1 is damn near missing not a copy anywhere. Wonder if I should have bought more copies.

Reminds me of X from Dark Horse

I preordered 2 of each cover for ttfs #2.

That had some decent minis.