Couple new books to overanalyze

Since we’re all sick of Star Wars spec talk (or are we?), here are a couple rando books I thought I’d throw out to see if there’s any substance.

Silk 1
I’m generally a fan, so I’m going to get this. But, it sounds like there’s a new female villain with a, ummm, “strange cat demon.” I mean, doesn’t that describe literally all cats? Solid A cover.


King in Black Return of Valkyries #1
This hits tomorrow, but has a new Valkyrie character. I believe she’s on the A cover, but definitely on some of the variants, including a 1:10 design variant. Maybe she finds her way into the next Thor movie?


Teen Titans Academy #1
Sounds like a handful of new characters. Looks like DC’s attempt at Strange Academy.


Batman 106
No new character spec here, but just a damn fine cover. In my book, this is the best cover of our young 2021.


Amazing Spider-Man 61
No cover yet from what I can tell, but apparently this issue is the debut of his new spidey suit.


Good stuff. Is #61 or #62 the first new Spidey-suit? I’ve heard both.

Straight from Marvel. Looks like 61 is the reveal.

Isn’t it pretty blatant and obvious? I mean, they even used Academy in the title… hehe…

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Probably happens on the very last page… Cameo appearance for the suit… :wink:

Absolutely. Why have one appearance when multiple firsts gets us to buy multiple books?!

What I don’t get is why they teased the 62 and 63 VARIANT covers as the reveal to the public. Curious what the A covers for those 3 books will be.

I think the new Valkyrie is the one from Thor Ragnarok that Tessa Thompson played. I think this is her first appearance in comics but she’s already been in the movie.

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Black Ice is in the back seat of that class on the cover of Teen Titans Academy. Her first appearance is in Endless Winter Teen Titans Special.

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…and her 1st app is still available at Midtown :wink:

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Relatively no interest now. She didn’t do much so far.

She’s only been in 1 book…lol…

Some characters do a whole hell of a lot in one book. Spider-Gwen?

If anyone can solve the Valkyrie riddle, please do. Is the MCU version Brunnhilde? If so, some variation of that character has existed in the Marvel world for decades.

Lots of info here:,Thor%3A%20Ragnarok%20(2017).

I find it frustrating that a character that is (or was) one of many Valkyrie is called Valkyrie.

That was a fluke too… I don’t think anyone anticipated her becoming what she became. The other 4 new Spiders in that first series are doing what again? Hardly anything… :wink:

Yet new fans to the franchise who watched the MCU don’t. Simplify to bring the masses along for the ride.

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A fluke is one of the most common fish in the sea. So, if you go fishing for a fluke, you’re probably going to get one.

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As a monthly Amazing Spider-man reader I wouldn’t over look issue 60 for last page appearance of this new costume as a lead in to 61. I get all the ASM books anyway but just basing off past Spidey experiences.


I like that Silk cover. I’m just annoyed that it will be yet another mini/limited series (5 issues I think?)


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Ick, yeah. I’m pretty done with minis. I mean, I love the compact stories, but I always find myself wishing I hadn’t spent the money (Thanos by Howard and Last Knight on Earth the two huge culprits here).

Yeah my most recent experience was Maestro. Meh… And now followed by another Maestro limited series? No thanks.

I also wasn’t too fond of an evil hulk… First issue was great but it was all downhill after that for me.

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