Cover B for Batman #92 updated

DC has sent out an announcement that the B cover for Batman #92 will now be the previously announced Artgerm cover from Batman #94.

Batman #92 is also when Tynion said that Punchline will get involved with the action. She’s on the cover of A (tiny in the background) and now B (front and center).

Unless something changes, it looks like this book will end up as her first cover appearance.

About time they fixed it. It made no sense to have that B variant cover for issue 94 ready while the 92 variant cover was not finished.

Also aligns with that issue bringing her more into the forefront.

It probably made sense at the time since she’s going to play a bigger part in Joker War which doesn’t start until issue #95.

I don’t think they had any idea she would end up being as big as she is so far. I was just reading articles back in January where people were dogging the character, how her design is stupid and DC is out of ideas… another Joker girlfriend… etc… <- scroll to the comments, seems more are dogging her than praising… :slight_smile: