Cover of the Year

I know there’s still about 7 weeks to go, but it’s never too early to start thinking about cover of the year candidates.

So If you had to nominate one cover released in 2019, what would it be?

My choice is Harley Quinn #57, Tedesco variant.

It came out January 9th, within the first 10 days of 2019. I’m not even a Harley Quinn fan, but had to have this cover! It instantly reminded me of Batgirl 23, I thought it was a cover of the year the day it came out and I still do today 11 months later. I was fortunate enough to find two mint copies for cover, and one day will have Tedesco sign one.

If you could pick one, and only one, What would be your nominee to date?

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I’m gonna have to think about this one myself…


That HQ is a great cover no question, great pick @D-Rog I have some in PC, it’s def on my top 10… I had to think about this one awhile, two covers, both joker covers came to mind this year. The other being the recent BOLLAND as well… This is my pick. No disrespect to the other 100 amazing covers that could be on this list, it was a great year for art people… JOCK VS JOKER. :black_joker: Have a good day everyone…

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Let me just check Ebay to see whats selling…

I got a version of that cover too. :wink:

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Only a few days left!

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I personally liked the Marvel reprint covers for, “Immortal Hulk,” as well as, “House of X/Powers of X,” that would take a great moment from within the comic and make it a cover image.

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