CovrPrice.Com Runners-Up for Week of 5/27/22

Second half, feel free to discuss

I really don’t see how She-Hulk will ever be more than the B-level hero she currently is. I think all this interest will dry up after the series, and keys may stick at 5% growth, but my bet is that I could readily pick up any issue after the series for pre-series prices.

Maybe some hope of quick flips, but it just doesn’t carry the weight for people to scramble for it IMO.


I have long been a fan of She-Hulk. Especially the John Byrne run. Was stupid fun. They need to capture that feel.

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The Talking Heads singer did a run on She-Hulk? :wink:

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Ha. Working on like 3 hours of sleep.

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And you may ask yourself, “how did I get all
These comics!”

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