COVRPRICE MATT DEVOE signs deal with Sony Pictures Television

DA FUQ ???


This is huge news!

I can’t even read their weekly update anymore it’s such a hodgepodge of different spec writers some not very good. But congratulations to Matt and Covrprice.

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I bet Krap Kollector is pooping in his diaper right now


I have known Matt for a while now. Matt’s background was in the movie industry, Sony in particular

This is an April Fool’s joke? right ?


HBO should pick up Poyo and Anthony.


Another person getting a job that they don’t deserve. Hopefully an April fools. If their looking for trends and someone knowledgeable about comics they should’ve looked at the gentleman that created Lyria comic exchange at least a decade before cover price copied his. Half their hot books aren’t hot with many others not making their lists that should.

Not sure what the issue with him or the site is. Hasn’t his Top Twenty been posted on the main feed here for more than a year now. Didnt see any criticism then. Cant vouch for any of the picks, but it was a good read.

I was thinking the same thing about Lyria. If Whetton had put together a newsletter or added some articles to the site he would have been ar the forefront. That site was such an awesome resource when I started selling back in 2012.

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No hate here. I’m frankly surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. We all know that comics have essentially become story boards/screenplays for movies and tv shows and most of us have become really good at identifying the stories before studios pick them up. It’s been happening for almost 10 years with mixed results, likely because studios didn’t employ the right scouts.

Why not pay someone who knows the source content, creative teams, and fan base? Makes sense and probably should have happened sooner.

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Not calling anyone out; just curious about some of the posts.

Could be worse, they could’ve hired ComicTom and Nick from ksycollector thinking they’re the experts.

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Comicsheatingup will be bought by TLC and a show will air in between Dr Pimple Popper and 1000lb Sisters


I love TLC’s trashy programing.

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That Dr Pimple Popper is worse than watching a no holes barred horror movie with nothing but slashing and blood and guts. I watched for a few minutes once and I nearly threw up


I have dibs on Telemundo!

What’s an “IP”?

Intellectual Property

Funny thing is their top 10 list usually are books KCC and CBSI already listed days prior…or books notes here prior.

Usually it’s 11-20 I find interesting as they are typically not on others top 10 lists…under the radar a bit.

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