CovrPrice vs Go Collect

Hope you do not mind me posting this question (as I know there is a relationship between CP and CHU), but what are the comparative strengths and weaknesses of these two services.

For context, I have been using Go Collect for a couple of years and wondered if CovrPrice is a better option?


As I understand it, GoCollect just applies to CGC/CBCS graded comics, Covrprice covers raw. Right?

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I thought Covrprice covers any and or all options but I don’t use them myself, I only see what they post in their weekly top books where they either mention raw or graded prices.

And Covrprice originally approached @Anthony in posting their top lists if I’m not mistaken, that’s the only relationship we have with them. Here at CHU we are normally fully transparent and very open, so there are no wrong questions ever.

I use both sites. I like CovrPrice better because they follow both Raw & Graded comic prices and the design of their page. I do think that Go Collect is a better in follow the price of graded comics though. From what I understand CovrPrice gets their data from ebay sales mainly??

I think most get it from there, it’s a primary source as it probably holds the largest percentage that’s recorded in a way that anyone can access. But this is something they have never shared as they claim “hush” on their algorithms, lookups and such.

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Yes. I think I read somewhere about online sales. I refer to CovrPrice to see what I should list an item for and then check eBay to see what the current prices are. Both pages are good tools. I do pay to use CovrPrice though.

I’m glad some one brought this up. I sub to both but I like GoCollect more since you have outbound links to the sales that provide transparency. They show eBay, Heritage, Comiclink, Comic Connect and it’s gotten better the last couple years.

Covrprice says they use an algorithm to determine their raw and graded sales but it doesn’t really prove much. I’ll look up data and see sales of raw/graded but where are these sales happening. Especially raw! I’m attaching a screenshot of the latest current trend they show on their site. Look at the 1st raw est. value for the TOD #69 $154.00. Where is that price coming from? How is it determined? Because we know that book is not that much.

Not crapping on Covrprice since it is a good tool. I just want to know how they get their prices since it looks like its all over the map.

The only relationship between Covrprice and Chu is we run their top 10 lots with permission.

I’ve had the feeling they get their top picks each week by just seeing what spec sites are talking about…

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totally, also per “units sold”

Go collect is a bunch of old spec you could of read at a dozen places well before but they think it’s new because it’s a newer site. They constantly get things wrong like the first appearance of Aliens if I recall. You can comment and try and correct them but they won’t even post your comment for others to view unless it’s you praising them like some communist state owned news channel. Also their top 1000 is a steaming pile of books that swing hundreds of spots for no reason other than how the websites owner’s girlfriend feels that day. They are also paid bloggers on Frankies Facebook to help promote endless exclusive covers every week so they’re always trying to sell something to you. Cover price I feel like a lot of their top 20s weekly are pretty weak but they listen and correct things when they get them wrong. I do enjoy their week in review email but I wouldn’t use either as a price guide.


Thanks everyone. Apologies if I misunderstood the relationship with CHU and CP. I was just trying to be polite, rather than implying anything untoward!

I like Go Collect, as it is nice and easy to use. Sometimes the relationship between the FMV and recent sales looks a bit slow, but generally it is OK.

I was interested to see if there are any huge advantages to CP, but sounds like they are pretty similar. I don’t tend to buy many older raw books, so maybe I’ll stick with GC. Really appreciates everyone’s thoughts : )

Nope, it’s all good. :wink:

I’ve seen books on gocollect swing 500 spots for little reason. I don’t understand the ranking system. I feel like its bad statistics, one book sell could swing a book way too many spots.
For older CGC books I cross reference gocollect with ebay and heritage sells. I find its slow to update latest ebay sells. Ult fallout 4 is good example, it takes a week for it to register latest FMV.
Covr price seems better for raw and modern books than go collect. I also like having my collection in there for easy viewing.

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Go Collect I used to use. I did until they ran an article on Daredevil #10 stating it was Maya Lopez’s first full appearance. I pointed out that she appears on 7-9 (I forgot the exact number) pages in multiple panels and we get her origin in #9. They wouldn’t even allow my comment and when I wrote to them I got Bs excuse of giving it to the editor to look into. They did nothing and that’s the last I used their free services.

Did CovrPrice publish a Top 10 and Runners-Up list this week? I don’t subscribe =(

Normally just check the main site Thurs/Fri for the articles

I just posted it. I was side tracked as I got my first covid vaccine last night. It went well but it was at 7:30 PM and I worked all day. I had to travel to get it so by time I got home with the kids, I called it a night. Side note, I had no side effects so far, well over 24 hours since I got it.


Thanks Tony and zero worries. I’ve yet to be vaccinated so I don’t have that experience, but happy to hear you’re feeling okay.

Covrprice seems to have changed their methodology to calculate value and it appears to be much more accurate now…

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I finally signed up for the pay subscription with Covrprice 2 weeks ago and I love it, well worth the price IMO. I feel so much more organized now.
I did send them an email the other day after I noticed some books hadn’t had any price information updated since November. They said the algorithm sometimes misses things when there are multiple volumes of the book (vol 1, 2 and so on).
I’m sure as they get feedback, pricing will improve.

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