CovrPrice Weekly Top 10 Mega Thread

Figured I’d start a discussion thread for this.

This week, are you serious, Black Krrsantan? That’s some crazy dominance of the list.


I got 3 of those books :unamused:

I got a contender for first cover in the mail today.


I like those top 10 weekly recaps. I normally don’t do too well, but this time I’m at 7. Kicking myself for not grabbing more of those Star Wars books from the dollar bins when I had the chance.


I had good timing buying a bunch of Star Wars comics I then sold in a special Whatnot show today (that I forgot to warn folks about as it was kind of sudden).

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6 top 10 here. But that’s because I sold all my Thor 20B’s.

I find the 10 runners up to be more intriguing as those tend to be books that are also hot, but less people know about a s easier to find at the LCS.

I felt Krrsantans exit on Books of Boba was kind of weak, though, and not expecting to see him again this series….so expecting heat to fade a bit until the Obi-Wan series. That’s when I’ll grab SW13 to complete my set of covers with 14 & 20.

I still say the DVDown covers, although first, pale in comparison to the SW’s ones. No desire to own them.


Yeah the ZBox variant and Cook variant are not great.

I’m glad 0-0-0 and BT-1 are on the cover of DV3…makes things simpler.


i think bk comes back and helps boba, since boba set him free instead of selling him back to gladiators


Boy, Comic Book Investor and Hobby Hero on YouTube hates this list!! :rofl:

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Probably because they don’t have those books.


They tend to focus on long term, significant key, year after year increase books.
They frown on flavor of the month.

In a sense, they miss a point in that these are flipped immediately for profit; not long term gain.
But in a sense they also make a good point in that many on this list will likely drop off in a couple years.
So I guess it depends on one’s focus on what one is selling and how much risk to take.
Additionally, I think they look at that Covrprice list in the present… i.e. as whether to buy or not as a buyer “today”. And they do make a reasonable point about buying when things are in the heat.


That was my first thought when he ran off. That’s the perfect roundabout development arc for his narrative in the series. It also fits the theme of ruling with respect.


I just really have found this whole Black Krrsantan thing fun and satisfying. I’ve had just about all of these books (at least the ones that I cared about or thought were meaningful) since day one. None of this stuff was ever expensive to begin with (of course rare variants and such being an exception).
Grabbing up these issues for cheap well before the episode even aired was cool.
About the only thing I couldn’t find at a shop was the Annual and I still found those for dirt cheap on Amazon.
Now…bring on the other characters that have been hinted at so we can rinse and repeat.

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BK should have choked him then and there.

But maybe he now owes him a “life debt” in some way?

Nine of ten this week I have to say, BK has been a very nice surprise!

First time for a 10 out of 10

My LCS also still has plenty copies of Thor for cover price and the 1:25 for $45, today is also a buy 1 get 1 free day so I might get 2 more 1:25’s


I really like the visual depiction of the top 10. I miss that for the runner up list!

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