Apologies if this has been asked before, but how does Covrprice calculate it FMVs and what data does it use?

Just interested because it seems to base its top sellers list off pretty small volumes of sales and there is sometimes a discrepancy between the top sales prices and those listed in CHU ‘one week later’ articles.

I think it uses eBay and not much else?

According to CovrPrice, the FMV for UF4 in raw NM is just shy of $400. If anyone is selling a raw, NM copy of this book I’d like to buy it from you for that price.

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That’s raw right?

So let’s assume $60 to ship the raw book to you, press it, the. Ship it out to cgc, grade and return shipping.

Now it’s $460.

There are graded 9.4s sitting at $500 free shipping OBO.

If you’re serious, I recommend making them an offer for $460 (shipped) and see what happens. That would be the equivalent of $400 raw, imo.

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Pretty serious. Miles is awesome, super cool power set and I already have the first appearance of my favorite Spider-Person (Jessica Drew!)