Cracked PGX slab

I recently bought a Venom #3 3rd print PGX 9.8 at a huge discount relative to a CGC 9.8 book in hopes of reslabbing the book. The PGX 9.8 book was $150 less than a CGC 9.8. I cracked the slab and got it pressed however there was 2 color breaking ticks on the spine. See pic.

Any chance of CGC 9.8.

I know its only one book but this book looks to overgraded by PGX.


Color breaking… probably a no go as 9.8. PGX shouldn’t have even graded it that high if they were there prior to slabbing.

Probably the last PGX slab I buy.

I couldn’t tell from that picture. Can you post a better one with some close up of the ticks?

I didn’t see anything bad in that picture but there are some parts where the white goes over the spine as part of the art I couldn’t discern.

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from the pictures I see here it looks like maybe a 9.8 but again I can’t see the spine well enough.

Thats the only pic i got of the spine. The book is on its way to CGC and the presser stated there were 2 spine tick which breaks color. The presser gave me an estimated grade of 9.4 and 9.6 at best.

If it has two colour breaks, it should not receive a 9.8.
Remember, it is just some other human who will be grading it at CGC, so you never know, you could get a 9.8.

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It’s funny mines a 9.6 pgx and has no tics

I’d say you will likely get a 9.4, MAYBE a 9.6. I doubt a 9.8, but I’ve been wrong before in overestimating or underestimating grades from CGC/CBCS.

Inconsistencies with PGX grading? What a shock.

Buy the book, not the slab…especially when it’s a PGX slab.

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Sounds about right.

Were they there before you sent them to the presser?

I’d trust a third party presser much less than a grading company

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It was very hard to see with the case but they were there before the press.

In this case, the press probably didn’t help the comic much.

Tics are not the only damage that can knock a books grade. This can include abrasions, tears, creases, bent corners, spine splits, chips, tape, glue, as well as a multitude of other types of wear.

Words to live by when buying slabs. :100:

I’ve sent in books to cgc that had spine ticks and color breaks that have gotten 9.8s before.

Just goes to show their quality of grading books. :wink:

Yes. Because cgc and cbcs never make mistakes.