Crossover #3 - Sneak Peek Preview

Since you people forget there’s still the main site… :wink:

Any idea if that little black-haired girl is the same as in Solid Blood 17?

IDK, didn’t bother picking up Solid Blood or reading it… I just don’t bother with Kirkman nowadays and his shenanigans…

Nevermind, the girl in Solid Blood 17 is a person of color.

Probably safe to say the $100 I put into this issue’s incentive variants based on Cates’ comments is headed to my dead spec pile. He’s hitting Mark Millar levels of salesmanship. Lesson learned.


I’ll be honest, I never buy Image Ratio Variants unless I find them at cover. Seems like more often than not, they never retain their value. When I do get them, I try to list and sell immediately.


Not sure anyone noticed this yet, but Crossover #3 has a crazy number of covers where the book being read on the front is a different Image #1.

The ones I saw were God Country, The Walking Dead, one other one and Spawn. What was really weird was the issue on the back covers change also.

So not sure which is the “super secret rare” front and back cover combination, but something to keep an eye on tomorrow.