Crossover #3 Spoilers

We shared this a few days ago in the higher trust level lounge but here it is for the rest of you folks… The big hyped up Issue #3 from Cates for Crossover.

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And @Anthony is working on the other spoilers now… :slight_smile:

Say what you want about him. Donny Cates is one heck of a salesmen lol


Oh, I enjoy most of his stuff. I’m normally defending him from the haterz here… :wink:

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Wow…and here I thought I couldn’t want to NOT buy it more…

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Lol, people went in hard on this issue. I’m glad I never got on any hype train with this. LCS owner keeps trying to get me to buy issue 1 and 2. I’m happy to stick to his Marvel writings.

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It’s actually been a fun read. Buy it to read it, don’t buy it to spec on it.

I’m sending you every issue of Crossover along with the trades. We will make you a Crossover Believer… you will love it when we are done with you!

Issue was trash, but only because he hyped it up and expectations were therefore set too high.

Absolute trash issue, lmao.

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This is why I set my expectations to zero and ignored the creator hype…

I still liked the issue and the story so far. Just ignore the creator marketing to enjoy I say… If you’ve ever met Cates in person, he’s very enthusiastic. You can tell he loves comics as much as we do and truly enjoys his work now as a writer.


I’m still enjoying Crossover as a read.

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