Crow Lethe #1 Momoko Gaining Traction

Looks like Crow Lethe #1 Peach Momoko Regular Cover is starting to gain some traction. Sales as high as $20 (with some cheap ones selling off here and there). Considering how many covers they put out for the book and the over all print run on Crow books not being very large it may be a good idea to still grab one and hold. There is also a second print on the Momoko. Not sure when/if Momoko craze will die off but still not a bad hold.

I still have my #1. My LCS hasn’t gotten #2 yet.

The shops near me barely ordered any of the Crow Lethe books, but I preordered 1 and 2. The book that really surprised me is Valkyrie Jane Foster #8 because it really isn’t her best work. I honestly thought they let some kid do the cover so I bought it. Now it’s a ~$20 book.

I ordered Crow Lethe 2 from Midtown. It is in my “lost order” from 6/17 that has never arrived. I got the Jane Foster’s off eBay. Cost me $6 each plus $5 shipping. $17 total isn’t bad for 2 copies.