Cruzzer Tuesday FOC for Sept. 6

So a childhood tale.
I used to have the Spock Unibrow and Sideburns when I was in 6th grade. I endlessly got tormented and teased by my classmates by being called “Star Trek” ! Thus my hatred for Star Trek begun. Something Nostalgic about the 70s look about that Cover art done by Stephen Thompson for "**Star Trek Year Five #25"

I am picking one up just to keep on the side. I know there are always Star Trek Collectors out there somewhere that will miss out on this one.

I counted 7 different regular variants for "Inferno #1" 5.99 is a little pricey for me for a comic, but with Hickman writing, whom I’ve met and talked with on various occasions, I’ll picking up the Art Germ one.

Moon Knight #2 (2nd Print) !! Get some. I think I asked for some.

Lots of STAR Wars Variants for lots of STAR WARS BOOKS! I always get John Tyler Christopher action figure variants. He is real cool as a person, and I always try and support the work of individuals whom I can call “friends” ! :slight_smile: BE SURE and Sign up for @drunkwooky 's email list on his web site. Support the guy, Tell your friends about that site. Anyhoo. I’m a fan of the 2nd Prints, which this time include

Star Wars High Republic #8

SW Bounty Hunters #3 -

Talking Star Wars, I got Vol. 1 of the Hardcover Star Wars Insider Fiction… Well Volume 2 is on the FOC List. The interior art is just SUPER GORGEOUS, along with the short stories. Definitely a pick up for STAR WARS FANS!

000000000hhh Aftershock has a book I really want to read

10 Years to Death (one shot) [I’m getting the signed one that’s $20 by Chief of Battlestar Galactica Aaron Douglas. Only 1000 will be done of that one. IF you just want the story. Get the other ones.

A while back, Russell Dauterman did a cool cover featuring different versions of PSYLOCKE on the cover of Hellions #13

Well HE IS DOING IT AGAIN with STORM on the cover of SWORD #8

I haven’t been reading it, but I like what’s done and I’m getting it for COVER ART alone, which I rarely do, but if you got a problem with it, FIGHT ME! :slight_smile:

That’s it for me for now.


Look at the prices on the Excalibur #18 Rogue 1:25 variant. That one snuck past a lot of people.

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The Artgerm variant cover is the best looking cover out of the bunch.

Star Wars High Republic #8 (2nd Print)


Star Wars High Republic #8 (2nd Ptg)


Missed past two FOC’s and other ish. Love the comic game and spec game but life can be a bitty! Selling a house while looking for one and unexpected costs are so much fun and non stressful!


I didn’t do FOC this past Tuesday, I took a Friday (concert), Saturday (baseball game), Sunday (road trip), Monday (movies all day) as a vacay, came back to work on Tuesday, and took Wednesday off as well… Hope to do it tomorrow. First time I’ve taken some time off for me in over 2 years. I’ve got about 170 vacay hours. My check was shorted some 8 hours and yeah, I burned through some $$ this past weekend on expected stuff like a car battery ($200) but I had 4 sales on the bay, in one day for a total of $260some so yeah. Also got to install a new toilet at home, gonna run me about $90. Good thing I got ok’d for rent to be a week late.

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