Cruzzer's Tuesday Night FOC List

I make my FOCO list on Tuesday nights to turn in on Wednesday morning when I drop by the LCS, but sometimes I have to call an audible on Saturday morning when @agentpoyo 's list comes out… All these are the PreviewsWorld codes, so here you go.

Here is what is on my list so far.

FEB218826 - Toon Tumblers Wandavision Pint Glass. I have not seen these in years. There will always be collectors. I wish I would have jumped up on the Bombshell ones back in 2014. It seems Toon tumblers are once a thing again as a set of Godzilla [66, 68, 72, 73 & more], Alien, Xenomorph and Spiderman [300 Black Costume, 300 Carange, 300 Venom, and more are headed our way. ]

FEB218331, FEB218332, FEB218333, FEB218334 - Disney Story Book DS- Statues. If you know me, you know I start shopping for Christmas early in May. My mother collects Disney Statues. At $34 each, I can afford these as a Christmas gift for her. THESE ARE PUSHING $50 EACH on the Bay as a PREORDER…

MAR210565 - Fantastic Four Life Story #1 [Booth Variant] - I’m digging the interiors but I am willing to bet the variant covers will be decades themed. Let’s see what happens.

MAR210516 - Heroes Reborn #3 - THe SILVER WITCH? WHO THE HECK IS THAT? Yup, I’ll check it out!

MAR217011 - Legends O/T Dark Knight #1 Team Cover Francavilla CA - I love the color tones, I’ll give it a shot

MAR210476 - I’ve been picking up the TMNT Bes of Series… Why Stop now?

MAR210251 - Rangers of the Divide - Who is this MEGAN Huang and why is she doing Writing and art? Yep, I’ll give it a shot!

MAR210557 - Shang Chi #1 (Superlog Variant) - I’ll give it a read,

Feb219315 - Silk #1 [2nd print]

MAR218329 - STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC #1 - 5TH Printing
MAR218330 - STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC #2 - 4TH Printing
MAR218331 - Star Wars High Republic #3 - 3rd Print

Do I really need to explain myself when it comes to Star Wars?

That’s all I’m getting for today. There is a 1:25 HANS ratio variant for Black Knight #3 (MAR210583 - BLACK KNIGHT CURSE EBONY BLADE #3 (OF 5) HANS LEGEND VAR - Previews World) , so I will have to talk to my LCS about…


Looks like those McFarlane Spidey Toon Tumblers are available now:

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Yep… Who collected them Star Wars Burger King Glasses?

MCDonalds Glasses? :slight_smile:


I remember the Shrek ones that got recalled for lead.

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We didn’t have them in England… :pensive:

Americans always have the best fast food collectors items :unamused:

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Yes, while we get fat from fake highly processed food that’s detrimental to our health, at least we’re getting some material possession out of the crappy deal. :wink: