Cult of Dracula in Development

Previously announced as optioned:

The Cult of Dracula live-action adaptation just got a major upgrade, and it is now officially being developed into a feature film.

In an exclusive interview with GoCollect, Cult creator Rich Davis confirmed that BR Films has taken over production. Rather than being adapted into a television series as was initially planned, it will be a full-length, 90-minute movie, and the wheels are already turning.

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this will be terrible, if it gets made

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Is this the series where Shannon Maer did the covers? I ordered the first issue because of the cover and couldn’t finish the issue it was terrible. Nice cover but the art inside was horrific and story was boring. I thought about bringing it back to my shop that week to trade for something else because my shop guy told me a lot of people were looking for that Maer cover. Got lazy and never got around to it.

I’ve thought adaptations would be awful no matter what, but I’ve been wrong! I mean, the, “Wanted,” comic is a mess but the movie is stellar. The right adaptation that knows what to adapt and what to change can work wonders.


GoCollect needs to be careful making claims like this “the standard cover has been selling for $50 for a graded 9.8, which could be a low-risk/high-reward gamble if the movie is a hit.”

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