Cult of Dracula Optioned

Second Sights Pubishing’s book Cult of Dracula has been picked up for a movie. Copies have been moving briskly on eBay. Many stores did not get these because it was distributed through corner box distributors. It could be a tough one to find. More coming on the site later.

Cover A and B are $2.99 each on their website.

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Good looking out.


This seller has the regular cover for $8 with shipping included. I am not going heavy on it but picked up one for the pc.

I ordered directly from the publisher. Seems the publisher and that eBay store are one and the same.

Thanks for the heads up. I wanted to check this book out. Glad I was able to find it at a good price.

Thanks, @AngryMrBungle for the link!

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I smell a Pump and Dump from Second Sights…


That’s always a chance.

It’s so easy for a creator or publisher to claim “media deal” or “optioned” and not share the details, saying it’s still under disclosure, etc.

But yeah, if you find for cheap, buy to sell… let the sheep be sheep who chase such things… :wink:

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A clear obvious sign of a PnD…a book that JUST CAME OUT within the past few months and from a VERY small indie publisher…


Didn’t Scout have a great run of comics being optioned and then there was never any news again? lol It was either Scout of Aftershock. One of those smaller studios

I’d probably guesstimate that 98% of property that gets optioned never makes it to our screens. Studios just like to have options though and to retain rights on properties.

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I ordered 2 copies from there website back on the 19th of October and still haven’t gotten them. Has anyone else had this problem? Or have you guys gotten yours? I emailed them but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

I ordered mine some time ago and they finally arrived a few days ago. They just seem to ship really slowly.

I have an e-mail with the tracking. If you don’t have one of those I would be concerned. My tracking shows how slow they are…

Order placed October 19th
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item November 6th
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility November 19th

I got mine yesterday. I got the package and went back to figure out when I ordered them.

I haven’t gotten any kind of update. I’ll wait for this week to pass by then I’ll contact them again

ordered oct 19, nov 6 got tracking info, today its finally moving