Curb Your Enthusiasm

:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy: hes the coldest motherfucca on the planet. I love this guy.


:joy::joy::joy: " Handicapped people know other handicapped people"

Larry :"If you were in all white neighborhood, and there was a brother l, you would know the brother, right?

Leon: “I would know the brother. I would go holla at him”

Larry: “You dont mind me using the word brother do you??”

Leon: “No, brothers cool… that’s perfect”

Larry: “Howd it sound coming out of my mouth?”

Leon: “Yo, it sounds great coming out of your mouth”

Larry: “You dont mind me saying it”

Leon: “NO, ■■■■ that”

Larry: “Okay”


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I just bought the entire series on dvd a week ago.

Good man. I loved this show from day one. Best thing about Sundays was HBO lineup.

Revisited some episodes a year ago in the early days of the pandemic when things were getting super dark, definitely helped cheer me up. Love this show. His character is so ridiculous it cracks me up

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