Curses, Spoiled Again! (10/30)


Been absent a few weeks…you know, vacation…work…surgery…

And the last few weeks have been somewhat quite with buzz about spoilers…so not much a reason to start a thread that calls for what spoilers people want to see…but that changes this week (mostly because I’m laying in a bed with my right foot elevated to keep swelling down and have time to think about this stuff). So here are the books I think have spoiler potential…feel free to pile on!

Silver Surfer Black #5 - Will his confirm this stories surfer and “the Fallen One” from Thanos #15 are one in the same?

Dead Man Logan #12 - Is this really the end of the old man?

Red Goblin Red Death - Some background on old Red Gobby…I like these books that try to give some backstory to current events.

Venom #19 - Is THIS the book Dylan finally reveals his true nature? It’s gotta be sometime between now and the team-up series with Goblin Childe due out in January…right?

Batman Annual #4 - Again, another one shot with some background story…Alfred this time whose death seems likely to be confirmed before King finishes his run on Batman.

DCeased #6 - How will it all end…or will it?

Tales of the Dark Universe: Death Of Superman - alternative version/ending where Lois Lane becomes the Eradicator! And there’s a dollar reprint of Superman 75 out this week too!

That’s all I got…if I hear more I’ll provide updates.


I’ve seen the spoilers for Silver Surfer Black #5… they’re out there, I just haven’t seen anything concrete that he’s now the Fallen One but maybe the issues that follow confirm this in another title or maybe another Silver Surfer series…


Surgery, huh? Hope that went well for you! I’ve got one coming up myself. Good times!


Dude, you’re spoiling the spoiler!! (If that’s even possible)

Yeah, maybe my context of “confirm” they are one in the same was a little misleading…I really meant confirm they are/are NOT one in the same.

I agree from the spoilers that I have seen it remains inconclusive as before.

But come on, look at the facts and coincidences…Cates introduces a mysterious Black Surfer a year ago, then a book comes out called SS: Black…and Cates loves to drop hints and tie his individual books together…albeit dragging things out a bit. Next book that’ll keep tying the strings together will be Guardians of the Galaxy 12…(check out the solicitation…probably one you don’t want to miss).

And there’s a 1:500 incentive for this book?? Marvel usually only does that for issues they believe are “key” or #1s…I want to know what shops are gambling on 500 copies!!! Midtown Comics is one…

Now all we’re waiting for is for this guy to take control of Mjolnir…which happens sometime at the end of time for this universe…which seems to be a reoccurring theme across several books lately…(fast forwarding to the end of the universe’s existence, that is).

Yes, Cates could go on a complete tangent from here…but it just seems so unlikely…!


I mean, if you’re going to ask me, I think he is the Fallen One after this issue… but we’ll have to wait and see.


What ails Ya?

I had an Achilles reconstruction…they had to take a piece of tendon from another part of my foot to reinforce it too so more repair than I was hoping…Now it’s all bandaged up and i don’t get to see how much they cut up my foot and calf for a few weeks when it comes off and the stitches get pulled out. Then they put a real cast on for 4 weeks…followed by a boot when I can begin weight bearing and walking again…and all the fun of physical therapy starts…it’ll likely be a year before I’m back to normal (which I consider jogging and jumping)…assuming I can get back to it…

But The surgery went fine…it’s been the recovery from general anesthesia that hit me harder than I thought. Mostly soreness and aches in the chest and throat which I was not expecting. But I didn’t ask many questions going in (that I didn’t want to know the answer to) for fear I’d back out!


Im headed to the doc to get a MRI of my groin for a hernia, next Thursday. If the scan comes back positive (bad), then I will be headed in for surgery too. Apparently we are all old man Chu’s.


I’ve got spinal fusion coming up (about 2/3). Scoliosis finally caught up to me! I’ve lost 2.5 inches of height the past four years so hopefully the surgeon will be able to give most of that back! Just shy of 6 ft for the first time since Jr. High! The pain has gotten pretty bad the past year so it has to get done. I have a two year old so we were hoping this could wait a while longer, but nope. Long recovery on this one as well. Six months minimum until I am back to 100% and the new normal. My wife is a nurse so that should help.


No kidding! Getting old sucks! Hope you get good news!


I had hernia surgery when I was about 10…my brother and I both had them at the same time and in both sides. I think they said we were born with them and genetic since we both had them.

That was the last time I had been under general anesthesia for surgery.

Lesson Learned: Don’t play contact sports after 40. You are not Tom Brady…

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Oh, and don’t forget Cates is writing Thor starting next year…and “Black Winter” is coming…


Yeah. Looking forward to some good Thor writing…


Looks like Thanos 15 4th print is taking off again…sold my last extra copy a few days ago for $30…And I had solicited offers for $25 the day before with no takers. Now it’s pushing $50.


If anyone I’m interested but the Thor #1 (Cates) variants are on sale at unknown comics. Just about all are about 30% below ratio.

Most other places are charging ratio or above.

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