Curses! Spoiled Again! (11/6)


What comics deserve spoilers this week?

I’d like to see how Naomi debuts with her new team in Young Justice.

Any 1sts in Absolute Carnage Weapon V? Or is it just an origin story?

Does Batman finally discover that Alfred is Dead in issue 82? I’m sure that will not go over well.

Will there be a Spider-Man 2099 appearance in ASM 33 this week?



You know it’s a slow week when you got zero responses… sigh!


I know. It’s why I took a few weeks off…didn’t seem like much to talk about.


We could always do what other groups do… pump and dump on fake spec! Muhahahahaha… I kid I kid…


I will not be doing a spoiled Again thread this week,mostly because there’s really nothing to spoil.

Wondering what Anthony will come back with…


Not a whole lot… it certainly was a sad week. Next week looks more promising though…


Truth be told I’m a little bitter I got no feedback last week when there were some good spoilers to be had…so screw this week…



Sounds like the story of my life… :wink:


If it makes you feel any better, last week was so bad that there was no reason to do a one week later report. Literally nothing popped or is selling above cover and most issues you can still find available online or at your local shops.

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