Curses! Spoiled Again! (7/23)


What spoilers would you like to see this evening?


Fine, i know it’s an off week so I’ll get this party started…

Curse of the White Knight 1- hearing rumors about three Jokers tie ins…

GotG 7- not my thing, but the death of
Rocket has me intrigued…what’s Catey got up his sleeve today?


House of X


Definitely House of X.


House of X is a huge book and hard to spoil A lot happens but not “spoiler worthy”. There is a great interaction between Scott Summers and the Fantastic Four who have captures Sabertooth. Scott requests he goes free due to amnesty. FF decline. Scott says one way or another he will have to come deal with the issue. At the end of the interaction Scott turns to the Invisible Woman and says, say hello to your son for me, and tell him when he is ready he has a home with the rest of his family, implying the Richards boy is a mutant. It is a very Hickman book.


Great topic by the way. Please do a spoiler request every tuesday!!


Probably need to get the requests out earlier…maybe start the thread on Monday night…doesn’t help you if you’re already out and about when people are putting in requests.


Don’t you mean… doesn’t help if he’s already grabbed a stack of books and hiding out in the bathroom snapping pics? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any in depth spoilers for MMPR #41? Heard there’s a new ranger.


Remember…do not take the issue at the top of the stack…




I flipped through it. Looked like a new bad guy. I grabbed the FOC cover. Looked like a second costume shifting ranger. There was a group of rangers I had never seen before in the book. I am a fan but not a die hard so they may have not been new.

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these were the omega rangers, first intro of thier droid underling, the prison and a new bad guy. Might be good as spec, but more a long term hold than a quick flip.


That was posted on another site last Wednesday morning. It gives a good breakdown of the book and all that happened.

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