Curses! Spoiled Again! (7/30)


What comic will you be looking for spoilers of this week?

Think TMNT #96 is a no brainer …first full appearance or another cameo?? Or maybe a shocker and jennika turns back to being human!!

Or maybe a complete 180 deg flip and the series just ends a la WD193!!! :scream:


I’m hoping GreenStabby gets a last page splash suited up but it sounds like 97 is going to be the start of her turtle time.

Power’s of X if it’s anything like HOX1 may not have anything to spoil since it’s supposed to be 100 years in the future and no story lines have been developed yet. I’m hoping for the start of a great story and almost everyone in it doing anything will probably be a 1st appearance.

Avengers 22 looks like the start to another great story arc.

Batman Who Laughs #7. Do we get The Shazam Who Laughs 1st appearance or does that get delayed until Batman Superman 1 and 2?

Fantastic Four 12, just read it!!! Hulk vs Thing begins!!!

MCP7 I’m assuming is only of potential value if Rien gets named officially in it. 1st Name thing.

Walking Dead 193 Second Printing, nothing to spoil unless a surprise is added that wasn’t in the original or maybe a secret variant/pink signature deal which Image does occasionally. Will it spark a second wave of interest and bump the prices of the 1st prints back to $10 and higher again? I feel more like a drive by gawker at an accident scene for this one.

I want to think Spawn 299 isn’t just a space filler before the hype of 300 and 301 and their 30 or so variant covers. It would be nice to see something of interest and value come out of there prior to FOC on 300 which they still haven’t released all the covers for which makes me suspicious about 299. Are some of those unrevealed covers spoilers for what happens in 299?


BWL #7 gets no Evil Shazam to my knowledge.

Spawn #299 is building up to #300 or #301… I dont read Spawn but reading this one I dont think anything special happens. No She-Spawn like some are rumoring is coming soon.


That should put 1st Appearance for last page of Batman Superman 1 and Second Appearance 1st Full appearance into BS2 then. It still feels like they should have just been named BWL 8 and 9 instead of changing titles. BS1’s going to be a massive print run making #2 sound like the better potential.


Won’t be a first for Evil Shazam in BWL #7… that’s just Billy. He’s not Shazam until he says Shazam. From what info I’ve been fed, it happens in Batman Superman #1.


By any chance does anyone know if there is a new character in this week’s neighborhood Spider-Man?


Brief flip through and I don’t see anyone major who wasn’t already in #8. They did give the origin story for the two old people which is okay. Nothing screamed to me they’ll be around and big anytime soon.




Was there any 1st apps in Red Hood Outlaw Annual #3? When i last looked Midtown had sold-out.


I was wondering the same. An alternate Joker or something named Jack Knife?

I picked up the only copy the LCS had, and it had color loss/rub on the back so I put it down. I should have at least flipped through but didn’t.


An entire alternate Earth with multiples that are probably 1sts. Generation Outlaw begins in Red Hood 37 and will probably find a way to bring back Artemis Bizzaro and some of the others from this Annual if you believe the closing credits of this one. Flutterby was the one more visually interesting to me although she wasn’t developed as much as Jack. Either way it goes back on my reading list if they return.

Justice League Dark Annual has the new plant element or whatever they end up calling it. Planthing maybe.


King of Petals I believe they called him.


I thought I saw that name but that was hours before the coffee was even ready. 1st of the month paperwork early assault.

I can’t tell for sure in B&W if that’s supposed to be GreenStabby. I don’t see any other exciting covers for TMNT 97.

I just got confirmation from Diamond that checked with IDW that Black and White is the final look for the cover. I have a yellow highlighter and a lot of kids that like to color so this might be workable.


Has to be her because the turtle on cover has claws.


Jenny doesn’t have a shell. Looks like a shell popping up at the top.


Did Jenny have/grow a shell when she transformed? It doesn’t look that way From issues 95 & 96.

How does she acquire her shell, do you think, if she wasn’t “born” with one?

Hmmmm…Maybe she acquires the shell from another turtle in #97 or 98…?


If she doesn’t have a shell then she’s not a “true” turtle yet…


Crabs do that… not turtles :wink:

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