Curses! Spoiled Again! (9/25)

Not much buzz in pre-spoiler talk this week.

Here are some ideas on what might be worth spoiling tonight:

Batman/Superman (why don’t they call it Superman/Batman?) #2…Shazam Who Laughs will lead to a flood of [insert obligatory hero] who laughs spin offs.

Harleen #1 - Batawang fiasco ruined black label potential for me…but maybe this can reinvigorate my interest.

Action Comic #1015 - A Naomi-mania come back May start here.

Shazam 9 - new family member?

Red hood 38 - Who is Monster Arm?

Asm 30 - Carnage tie in could bring a surprise or two.

Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #2 - same as above.

Moon Girl 47 - will be picking up the last issue…how will it wrap things up? (For now…it’ll be back when the cartoon buzz ramps up)

Powers of x #5 - Meh…surprise me.

Any others?

I’m not speculating on a big wow week either, some spoilers might be okay for the continuing story but here’s something I stumbled across that’s been posted that could reveal clues to Alfred’s fate from Batman #77:

He’s never truly dead as long as we remember him…

Or if he’s a comic book character.


@D-Rog Its Batman/Superman because B comes before S. :wink:

Haha, very true indeed.

And because Batman sells more books… :wink:

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He died doing what he loved butler…ing

That is alpha numerical order name discrimination. My aunt named all her kids with names starting with the letter A for that very reason…

That is the more likely reason…but if’n I was Superman I’d be pissed…

I think Superman is already pissed because Bruce Wayne has way more money…

Hey, at least Supes can hold a steady girl…

Money doesn’t always buy happiness…