CW's Ryan Wilder makes her DCU debut in Batgirl #50

So glad I have this on my pull list already.

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Sweet :slight_smile: The show has been unbearable to watch though.

Cover A and B up on TFAW for preorder. FOC was 10/4


I’m so mad they changed the art :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused: Dodson looked way better.

dodson is cover B

Yes stand corrected!! Well the original art for that cover looked better in my opinion

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Pre-orders selling out at online shops for both covers.

Only cover B now…was hoping to add a cover A to my order.

Glad I ordered both covers before FOC. Just wanted to end the run after Joker war.

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Finally Cover A sold out at Midtown. I had 25 copy’s (the max) in my cart earlier…trying to gauge how many were left. There was no limit otherwise.

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cw show scared people off, but long term i think its a good gamble.

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Well now I have double the FOMO because even though I was already subscribed to the book my LCS was shorted so I am the odd man out.

Always been a Middleton fan…recalled seeing it long ago & ordered it via DCBS. Shows filled so I’m good.

I’m so happy! My LCS came through with a MINTY copy of Batgirl 50 for me! Yeeeesssss!


Sold out in the first hour or so at my LCS.

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I snagged 2 gem mint copies of Cover A. Went to 4 shops and only 1 had a stack of them. Was Middleton the artist on issue #23?

I bought 8 of them from here just yesterday. It was all the website had. 6 Cover A and 2 Cover B, or vice versa. It is a website with different sellers from all over. I have used it before for other things. It is mostly back issues but some sellers have current comics up a bit before release. I believe you can even create your own store and sell things on the site but haven’t looked into that part of it

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@Sean Yes, he was the artist…quite a few issues after that as well.

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Tfaw still has the second print available.

Batgirl #50 (2nd Printing)

Looks like prices on eBay are slowly creeping up with key collector posting about it.

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