Dakota Johnson Connecting the Dots

So, my two cents on the casting of DJ as MW, she is not playing the original version, but rather the Julia Carpenter iteration. This is the opening that the MCU is using to bring the other “Spiders” into the MCU. Here is my opinion, and take it for what it is worth…This will start, or have at some point, JC’s origin as MW which requires two things. The first being that the original iteration of MW will be cast. The second is that Kraven will make his first MCU appearance. This is due to Kraven being pivotal to Julia Carpenter’s origin as MW and also lands credence as to why Kraven has not been allowed to be in previous movies or shows. Personally, I think this is the opening that will bring Miles, Gwen, and other Spider versions into the MCU as has been speculated on for years now. The opinion also follows the multiverse theory that Phase 4 is building on through the connection of the universes through the “Web”. Thoughts?

So… I know they are supposed to be doing a Spider-Woman movie. My guess it will be Julia Carpenter with some flash backs to the original

I bet it turns out to be a Spider-Woman movie.

We know…why do you think so many copies of Amazing Spider-man #637 have been selling yesterday and today…?

Yes you all give me no credit since I was the first to say it years ago.


Lol kuddos Alana.

@Alana with too much foresight to not secretly have inside knowledge. Admit you’re a Marvel bigwig!

I kid, but if you were I wouldn’t be surprised.

But Jessica is so much more interesting… spy background, test subject, etc.

I remember this article and thinking it made total sense. I bought 2 or 3 copies of 637 based on that for cover…and I’m hoping I held onto one.

In @Alana I trust!

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That’s a good indicator. Unless we missed news she has been in prison then maybe not. But I would say with fair certainty she could be the next Spider-woman.