Damaged at the store or known printer error?

1st time poster, I love all the information that I get here.

I stumbled upon some Black Panther #3, Cover A (1st Tosin, the next Miles!!! /s) and hastily picked them up at cover price, but when examining them at home I realized there is this fine cut through the bottom right that goes through all the copies.

Is this a known printer error? Do other people’s copies have the same damage? Or is this damage from the store when they were unboxing these copies?

This would be considered damage and would definitely affect the grade, correct?
I’m planning on selling and want to price accordingly and let any buyers know of the issue.

Box cutter I believe and welcome!


Box cutter, that’s why it was cover price :laughing:

How come it got the pages and not the cover (from the pics) ? How deep is the cut ? And does it lower value significantly for a (for now) hot book ?

I looked at all the BP3 that I bought and only 5 of them had this damage so you guys are probably correct that it’s box cutter damage.

If you zoom in it does go through the cover and through the whole book(s). It is about 1mm long.
So how much of a ding does that take off on grading? If this was the only damage would I be looking at 8.5-9.0 tops?

Also the store had zero idea what they had (it wasn’t an LCS).


Hopefully Tosin is like Miles, and takes off, and the books are still worth $$$ to you !

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Not a big fan of reinventing the character with the current social topic of the day; though I support the current topic of the day. I prefer new characters, with clear differentiating properties. Having said that, Miles did prove me wrong (also Superior Spider-man). Besides my hang-up of using the same name, he does have a different power-set and costume (though not a fan of the current pink one). I do think that he needs a defining story to cement his place in comic lore though, ala Gwen Stacy death, Kraven storyline, etc. and a good cast of villains, supporting characters. Right now theres a lot of buzz and a lot of Peter Parker type stories being rehashed (Clone story, etc.), but there is nothing solid here from a story POV, that takes him from good to great - high spec price notwithstanding. There is potential - just needs a good storywriter to develop him into a great character.
Let see what comes out of Tosin; besides BP3 for now.

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