Dan Didio leaves DC

I am curious what this may lead to in terms of DC’s upcoming 5G plans.

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Rumor has it that if 5G bombs it’s lights out for DC comics…

Hard to fathom, but that’s what’s been heard from AT&T people.

I read that article as well… well, saw an article. They would sell before just closing shop I think. They retain the rights to movies, sell the publishing rights. It might not make the money they want but it’s still very valuable property someone is willing to buy until all the characters enter into the public domain… which I think at the current time rate will occur in about 14 or 15 years… unless some DC lobbyist convinces Congress to pass another silly bill to extend their copyrights… cause that’s never happened before right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that the same rumor that was started by Ethan Van Sciver ? If so, its just utter bs.

Yes, it was him.

In your opinion, what makes it “utter BS?” I believe these are

Now rumors are being thrown around that dc wants to sell the publishing rights to marvel. But that’s all they are…nothing but unfounded rumors.

That would makes Doomsday Clock 12 and Thor 2 more interesting…

All here say at this time though…dust needs to settle first before taking anything seriously.

I never ever heard of https://cosmicbook.news until this news showed up on my google feed. Looking over their site, I’d take most of their stuff with a grain of salt. Seems more like click bait to get a bunch of hits with half truths than anything else.

EVS is a horrible human being and I doubt anyone in mainstream comics still speaks with him. Cosmic Book News is also known as a horrible site for facts, at the same level of Wegotthiscovered. I don’t buy any of this for a second.


Correction: I buy Dan Didio being pushed-out or various reasons, but not for some crazy sale.

Thats why I said this “rumor” is bs. It came from Ethan. He doesnt know shit since he got fired from DC.

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