Daredevil 17 Strange Academy preview

Is anyone speccing in this? It’s an 8 page preview so I guess there’s potential for 1st appearances. Has anyone seen the preview?

I might be mistaken but I thought a bunch of other books also had the preview as well.

I really dont know. I just stumbled on the daredevil book and ordered some just encase. I was hoping that someone on CHU would know something. If theres other titles with the preview I’d probably pick some of those up as well. At this point I havnt seen the actual preview and just bought a few issues blind.

Ok I’m seeing Miles morales 15 and Avengers 30…Feb 5 release for miles and Jan 29 for Avengers 30. Daredevil 17 is Feb 5 as well

I bought a couple of the varied issues that had a preview, but I tend to be more of a fan of the actual #1 issue. I personally thought it was a fantastic book. I feel like a ton of thought and care when into it (and the characters). I seldom go heavy on variants, but for this I went all in and ordered the 1:50 as well as a couple of 1:25 to go along with all the other covers.

I actually have a 1:50 I ordered from DCBS at a very fair price sitting in an Indiana distribution center since April 7th? I realize mail is a mess…and I don’t care about timeframe…I just hope that the book ultimately makes it as I want it lol.

Ravencroft 1…jan 29…theres a 1:25 for that. I’m trying to find anything earlier than 29 January.

Thor 2 and Dr strange 2…both 29 jan

I thought we covered this in another thread pre-COVID. Maybe that was another forum I participate in. But due to all the various previews i would say the market will not gravitate towards these books as true “firsts” but more one of the incentive variants of issue #1 which also have the characters on their covers (I.e. slab worthy/eye appeal).

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I gotcha with the market trend but I like to chase down everything to its ultimate conclusion and things like publication date tickle my fancy.

this preview book beats ALL those comics mentioned: https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/NOV190002