Dark horse and Youneek partnership

This came up on my feed and I’m wondering if this came up on your radar and what you think about it. Also, doesn’t Netflix have a first look deal with Dark horse? I wonder if that would also cover this IP. Anyone read any of the Youneek titles?


Full disclosure: I grabbed some of the 2017 FCBD issues. Figured it was a low buy-in just in case. Besides it fits in with one of my PC goals of buying diverse first appearances (although the Kickstarter referenced in the article and not the FCBD is probably the true first.)

I think I picked up the first self published graphic novel from him. He is a good guy and is local. I am wishing him all the best on this


I just found my copy looking for Electric Black issues to sell

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I had some elecrric black jetpack comics exclusives signed by the artist but they all sold a while ago

From my quick look at the inter webs, the Youneek Universe is primarily GN and TPBs. The FCBDs and Hallowenfest seem to be the only “comic” out. I signed up on Roye’s newsletter to read some of the stuff digitally and look forward to reading it. With Disney partnering with Kugali media for Afro-sci-fi Iwaju and adapting YA fantasy series Children of Blood and Bone, the Youneek Universe is something to keep an eye on.