Dark Horse Comics Returns to Publishing Star Wars Comics

Bye bye IDW, and hello again Dark Horse

The article made it sound like IDW and Dark Horse will be publishing all-ages simultaneously.

wait so did idw lose HRA aswell?

But then from today:

Now, Dark Horse will have its own welcoming home, sharing the ability to publish new Star Wars stories alongside Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing.

Hello, Dark Horse, my old friend
I’ve come to read with you again

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So how does that work?

Can marvel not use characters created under Dark Horse?

Will dark horse characters and stories be cannon going forward? Will suddenly all the characters from The Old Republic and other series be re-introduced? Or will stories continue? Or just be ignored (start fresh)?


Dark horse stuff prior to 2015 is Legends, non-canon, except Son of Dathomir. Marvel can use any characters appearing in Dark Horse, IDW, Viz Media, LA Times Syndicate, Blackthorne comics, subject to the approval of the Lucasfilm story group and Disney.



Initially, we will focus on stories featuring the High Republic.

This feels important. I’m guessing those in power at Star Wars gave this direction. If Marvel, IDW, and DH are all focusing on High Republic, that’s not by accident. I wonder if we’ll get a High Republic movie sooner than expected. @drunkwooky probably already has all of the information on this movie.


I’m like a mushroom: Fed shit and kept in the dark.


This mix of publishers is so confusing!

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Until it’s retconned back into cannon!

This is good news. I can’t wait for some character crossover…

Nothing Star Wars from Dark Horse in April:

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I’m so confused!

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Well, they said spring….technically they have until June 20th.

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Coming in August…