Dark Nights Metal New Wave

Up for preorder at Target…

I’m gonna pass on Target personally. Would like to order this from BBTS


I have not started collecting comic superhero figures and will not. Once I would start it would be hard to stop and just limit myself to certain figures. They seem to always keep producing the same characters too. How many Batman or Spiderman figures do you need.

Target has yet to fullil any of my pre-orders. They cancelled all of my Miles Morales into the spider verse action figures for my boys. Luckily Amazon still had them available at a good price.

That’s a nice action figure though…

Will likely order a robin king to compliment my Batman who laughs. But that’s the only super hero figure I own.

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I have both the BWL figures and both the Dark Nights Batman ones. Other than that the only ones I buy are Mandalorian-related and SPAWN. I still have the very first Spawn figure which I bought with my lawn-mowing money in the mid 90s. I never opened it. It sits proudly on my shelf next to the MK11 Spawn.

I told myself something like this last year ‘I’m going to start collecting again and just going to stick to a few books and runs for my collection’ now I’m sitting on a few hundred books some for the PC and some that I’m selling :neutral_face:

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