Darth Maul #2- Spec Revisited

Please note, my usual pure spec/I’m not selling/just fun to read comics. caveat applies here.
I fully realize this book is already established, but I really feel it could become a bit more sought after in months to come. It is still fairly inexpensive & also a book that (for me at least) I’ve seen more than once in the wild. I think at this point it’s just another Star Wars 1st among sooooo many.

Cad Bane is a very cool character. IMO one of the coolest to come out of the Clone Wars stories. Def another SW fan faves.

Reason for my post:
I believe we will see Cad Bane in the Mandalorian at some point.
Episode 5 "The Gunslinger…I believe the mysterious figure at the end who killed Fennec Shane (we only see/hear spurs & Cape) was Cad.
The title implied the young, aspiring bounty hunter was the Gunslinger…but I think it was a subtle allusion to Cad.
Episode took place on Tatooine. We know that Cad Bane has a hideout on Tatooine.
Again, not many characters have spurs as a signature.
Filoni is very fond of Bane and developed him after a basic premise Lucas had.
A random cool factoid…Cad Banes look/personality was partially inspired by Angel Eyes in The Good, the bad, the Ugly (one of my favorite films).
While I realize the mysterious character could be Fett, or Moff Gideon, Bane would be perfect & fits better into what we’ve been given.
At any rate…just one to keep an eye on.
Has the regular cover, a Star Wars 40th cover, and a very cool Aja variant that will cost you.
Aside from any of this…this Darth Maul series is a great story that really provides some cool background into Maul. It’s pretty gritty.
Regards & Happy hunting!

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Great character that I’m a big fan of. I’ve got a few copies.

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The book has been on my spec radar for a few months now. I actually DM’d Tony the other day about this very book. I like the spec, @Devildog. :+1:

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I don’t spec on, “Star Wars,” as a personal rule. I just don’t know enough to do it without making horrible mistakes, most likely.

Up until very recently most Star Wars comics were only for die hard Star Wars fans… Not much spilled over to other collectors and speculators. With the quality of the Mandolorian and a good amount of Star Wars projects that will be on D+ that is changing. Good chance the prices that are high now might be looking like bargains not too far down the road.

If you have extra cash to spend on books just to speculate on Star Wars may not be a bad idea. There are some legit keys now where you don’t have to worry too much on if you made a good choice or not. Bronze age Star Wars #1 and #42 will always be sought after. Darth Vader #3 (first Doctor Aphra) and Clone Wars #1 (first Ahoska) aren’t going anywhere and have just started their clim to greatness. Can’t go wrong with those four but they have gotten a bit pricey, especially in 9.6 or higher condition.

Funny thing is, if you went back even three years and said Star Wars books would become massively sought after in the comic collecting world with keys coming close to popularity of books like Batman Adventures #12 or ASM #300 just about everyone would think you went nuts. Times are changing and things are looking very good for Star Wars comics.

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Heir to the Empire #1 (Thrawn 1st app) especially in newsstand is another must pickup.

The new wave of issues to go after seems to be the previous Darths like Revan and Nihlis or other Old Republic characters. Just be wary of your source for the first app. Apparently lots of misinformation out there.


@Bryan Agreed on all points. I actually have 2 copies of Heir at CGC now.
The thing with all the 1sts of Sith/Jedi is that in many cases their characters change over time. So do folks want their 1st as a character…or their 1st as a Sith. Many of them have such convoluted origins.
Honestly, at this point, if I find any Dark Horse Star Wars comic cheap, I buy it. Nearly every issue has a first of something or reference to something that has potential such as all the issues relative to Mandalorian’s.

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One additional note, interesting timing, but Hasbro/Hasbro Pulse just released a very nice exclusive Black Series Box Set figure of Cad Bane. Darned thing sold out in about 3 minutes and I had it in my cart and watched it vanish.

Perhaps just a coincidence…but…awful lot of figures they could release as an exclusive over him. Just a few weeks from the Mandalorian premiere and this figure comes out…