Darth Vader #1 2020

So we knew the book had been hot. I have had copies listed in the $20 range for a couple of weeks. No movement. Suddenly last night into this morning all my copies are being picked off.

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Really? Whats the spec? I watch the movie youtube guys and the only thing mentioned this past week was maybe Vader references in possible Mando or upcoming Star Wars projects. So idk. But I have a couple copies as well.

All about the new droid named “Zed Six Seven”. Actually a very cool plot to this series and plot relative to this droid.
Zed pretty much is a forensics/detective type droid that is helping Vader track down Luke.

Star Wars folks love their droids.

Zed fills in many of the blanks/leads the story in a way that shows us the history of Anakin/Vader. It’s cool/kind of weirdly sentimental in a sense.

Anyhoo…that’s my thoughts.


Search social media, rumors about Mandilrian season 2.

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P.S DCBS has both of the Darth Vader #1 variants (The Daniels and Ienco variants) for dirt cheap still.

One of the cool things about DCBS is that this can sometimes be the case.

The ones listed for $8 and $20?

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Yes, that’s a very fair price on those imo. For a 1:50 and 1:25 on a book that has gotten good interest/heating up…well under ratio can’t be beat.

for droid spec you want the 2nd print

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I see it as a Venom #3 deal…sure the 2nd print is better book with him on the cover, but I’m not passing on any of the #1s I see at cover price either. Grab em all! :slight_smile:

Snatched up all cover price copies online weeks ago :slight_smile:

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same grabbed 5 for long hold

Issue #2 is seeing slight love as well. I’m pretty certain it’s the first appearance of Padme’s look alike decoy Sabé who of course was depicted in the movies and then novels but this is her first time in the comics (at least I can’t find any other references to her in the comics). The whole first story arc has revolved around her and I think Pak even said in an interview he was excited to bring her back into this story, so she could also stick around for quite some time in this current volume.

I have sold 2 copies of #2 as well today.

Disney+ isn’t what I signed up for, cancelled hopefully one day next decade when they have Marvel shows I’ll stream it for free

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i bought the 3 year package, what a waste. nothing but 1 season of mando. i go months without even opening app

I only keep it for the little one… I probably won’t watch it until those Marvel shows finally start up…and The Mandolorian starts up again.

I’ve sold a few copies of #1 and #2. I actually sent a copy of #2 to the wrong person (switched packages…haven’t done that in 20 years) and I emailed new labels out to each person and refunded their cost as an apology…but the guy I sent the darth Vader #2 to wont ship it to its rightful owner. It’s been over a week with no movement or response. Getting really ticked off.

I have an extra copy of #2, but it’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to give it up to this guy because of this dead beat.

I have extras of #2… let me know if he doesn’t pull through. I can ship off a copy if you send me a label…

My 12 year old has watched enough Disney+ to make it worth my money for the next 3 years I think. I think she’s watched Lion King at least 40 times during the pandemic lockdown… :slight_smile:


Same my 10yr old & 3yr old have paid for it. Shit I catch an old show/movie every now and then.