Darth Vader #11 Preview


Now that’s what I call power!!! (Referring to Lord Sidious)

Hopefully some good 1st apps, too. Thanks

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Looks gooood. Damn this type of stuff needs a show

I know! I was reading through Star Wars volume 1 (2015) the other day and came across Grakkus the Hutt again. A shredded, giant Hutt, on mechanical centipede legs, who can lay the smack down on people, blow-for-blow. We need some badass stuff like mobile, athletic Hutts and giant space squids!


At the very least I think the Sith Eternal Cult will first appear here.

If they get individual names I’ll be happy

Sigh. Don’t hold your breath. They’ll probably just chant.


I think Palpatine said it best with “pft.”


Okay, is it just me or…

Does it feel like the comics are TRYING RRALLY HARD to undo the wreck that is the sequel trilogy? With the whole “look at all these Star Destroyers! Oh and the canons? Well we a MOUNTAIN of Kyber to power them and they can each destroy a planet.” This book is taking place between episodes 4 and 5 and they ready have multiple planet destroying Star Destroyers finished…

I’m sorry if I am pooping on your love of Episodes 7-9… but Disney really needs to do a reset of its post-ROTJ canon, save for Mandalorian.