David's Flipping Report April 2020

Hey everyone! It’s time for my flipping report! April was…odd. I didn’t have too much going on for obvious reasons (COVID-19 shut down so much) but certain things such as my CGC-graded comics came back and I sold those for a pretty penny plus there were some other deals made. It wasn’t utterly dead, but yeah, odd is the best word.

I had bought some out-of-box Funko Pops from a friend of my Sister-in-Law awhile ago and they finally were able to mail them out (the original plan was to bring them to Saint Louis from Kansas City when they came to town to visit my sister, but COVID-19 stopped that). I got 5 for $30 and sold them for $50-ish total (Evil Morty, Doofus Rick, Twisty the Clown, Gob Bluth, a Maleficient one too). A small profit with cheap shipping.

I bought some stuff online from comic stores doing auctions. Kept a chunk of things, but ended up selling a, “Stabbity Bunny,” #2 that was a brain trust variant for maybe a $5 profit as well as the first issue of, “Deadpool,” when it had its first ongoing in 1997. I bought it to read and then sell, so I made like $3.

Bought a copy of the, “Black Widow,” #1 mini-series in an online buy-sell-trade group with the Yelena Belova variant cover and made maybe $5 after everything.

I got my CGC books in and was pleased. My, “Marc Spector: Moon Knight,” #57 was 9.8 and sold for $117.50 on eBay. My, “Moon Knight,” #25 with the first Black Spectre was 9.6 and sold for $105 on Mercari. My, “Gretel #2,” VIP-exclusive variant was 9.8 and sold for $65 on Mercari. My big one was, “Marvel Now! Point One,” #1 with the first Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel that was 9.8 and I sold for $265.

I acquired a copy of, “Mystic #25,” on Mercari, a really old Golden Age comic (December, 1953) and it was maybe 3.0 in condition. I sold it via Paypal and shipping to a local-ish person an hour away in Illinois (Saint Louis borders that state). They bought it and 2 reader copies of some silver age Batman comics I had for $95 total. After what I paid for everything I maybe made $10, but I enjoyed reading the stuff before I sold it.

Dug through my shortboxes for fun and found some stuff to sell. Sold two copies of, “Joker: Year of the Villain,” that I had for $7.99 each, then shipped them out cheaply so made like $8 on them. Also had an old, “God Country,” #2 I sold for $7.25, a copy of, “The Auteur,” #1 in 8.0 condition as I didn’t store it as well as I should have that I got $14 for. Had a, “X-Men,” #205 with the first appearance of Hope Summers that netted me $15. Sold my hardcover of, “Real Deal Comix,” for $20. I also found a copy of, “Something is Killing the Children,” #1 I found right before the option announcement of BOOM! and Netflix, so once that happened I listed it and sold it for $23.

Had an old copy of, “Coyotes,” #1 I sold for $7, and the first four issues of, “Die, Kitty, Die!” I sold for $12. Also had a, “Vampirella,” #1 variant I acquired a smidgen ago I sold for $15, the Mike Krome variant. Oh, and had a virgin yellow variant of, “The Ride: Burning Desire,” with the Aadam Hughes cover I sold for $10, but it seems to be lost in transit so that’ll be a refund. The buyer has been patient, but it’s taken forever.

I made some small profits on stuff I bought to read and then sell, made some money on stuff I found in my boxes, and made a chunk of bucks on slabbed things that came back. It was a good time all around, just a lot different than usual when I’m at shows buying and selling too.

Thanks man. Love these. In April I sold roughly $1300 total worth of comics. Lots of stuff ended up selling on auction for cheaper than I hoped but in many cases just listed for .99 cent start as they were duplicates and triplicates. Did very well with Venom books and some signed comics (still have a bunch of Frank Cho signed Harley’s up for $5.

Glad you had a productive April even if things sold for cheaper than expected. A sale is a sale, is what I say!

I didn’t really sell anything in April but May is looking good for me so far. In 3 days I’ve sold almost $150 worth of Black Badge books, netting me about $130 profit so far… :slight_smile:

Always an interesting read, @davidbitterbaum. I enjoy hearing about your flipping exploits. I have been moving a regular amount of cheaper books via eBay, which is nice. I’ve always wanted to do just that, but never found the opportunity while I was speculating every week and digging through back bins. There are some silver linings to this whole global ordeal, I suppose.

I bought $1300 worth of comics this week😂

I’ve spent a ton of cash this week too. $650 in pressing and grading fees. $280 on an autographed Raiders Helmet and $210 on the Spawn Toy/Comic Kickstarter. I need to get out of the house and off the property soon, lol. The good thing being that every penny of that spent cash came from eBay comic sales over the last two weeks. Nothing like having your silly hobbies pay for themselves…and more. :upside_down_face:

There’s enough unopened Original 1st Spawn toys to go around, I don’t see why they need a kickstarter since you know the guy owns a toy making company already so just make the toy. Looks great but I imagine most just want it for the variant cover that will come with them so they can try and hock it for big bucks on EBay to whoever these people are that pay big money for Spawn books. I’ve never met one of these people so I assume it’s just Todd buying all his Spawn books back in an attempt to make Spawn as hot as Venom lol

It does look great, Alana. And because it was so wildly successful, the Toddfather has been adding new features and giveaways throughout the Kickstarter campaign. My personal count is at about 10 bonus add-ons/features/upgrades. The toy, and comic, for $40 is a really good deal, imo. This toy is going to look amazing and I’m really stoked to have this coming as a Christmas present for myself, speaking as a fan of McFarlanes skill sets. And there will be 3 different variant comics being distributed with these toys. A different comic cover for each of the three version’s of the toy.

I’m glad everyone enjoys my reports! Seems everyone is spending or making money–maybe a bit of both!