David's Flipping Report August 2020

August is done, I’m pretty recovered from the hernia surgery I had on August 10th, and Fall is approaching. What better time to look at my flips in August?

August Sales
I kicked off August selling a, “Sleeping Beauties,” Peach Momoko variant set of #2. I acquired it for about $45 and sold it for $88 on eBay.

I bought three, “It Eats What Feeds It,” Direct Tan Variants from SCOUT’s website as the forum was discussing and sold them in a bundle for $10 each/$30 total on eBay.

I obviously grabbed some, “Dark Nights: Death Metal, Legends of the Dark Knights,” #1 at cover price I was able to acquire and flip for between $20-$25 each. I flipped 3 I got at stores on eBay before the surgery and ordered 3 from Midtown that arrived after the surgery and I sold two (on Mercari) once I was more recovered, for 5 copies sold in total and one saved in case this Robin King hubbub stays huge–maybe slab it seeing as my CGC just renewed at the end of the month and I have a $150 grading credit?

Got that, “Albedo,” #2 foil variant for $45 or so, sold it for $60 on Ebay. Debated holding onto it and getting it graded, but a little fast extra cash to spend on a Switch game while I recovered from surgery sounded appealing.

I bought two Skybound Mystery Boxes during their digital comic-con event. I was going to buy just one box but with the $25 shipping it made more sense to get free shipping by buying two for $50 each. These boxes were massive and full of toys, figures, knick-knacks, comics, two slabbed comics, and yes, one of them had a red foil, “Negan Lives.” I sold that for $825 on eBay and then got to work piecing out what I wanted to keep, sell, or save to give as a present from my Skybound Megaboxes. Once all was said and done I easily made over a grand on a $100 investment and that’s having kept some stuff or things for presents to friend and family members who like stuff like, “The Walking Dead,” or the Superfight card game. Without a doubt my biggest flip ever, replacing the time I got an SDCC limited edition Ben Grimm Funko Pop for $300 and sold it for $750 (back when Fantastic Four Pops were rarer).

Two nights before my surgery I was browsing Facebook Marketplace on a lark. Someone had posted 5 longboxes and a shortbox of more recent books they needed to unload relatively soon as they were moving from the Saint Louis region to Virginia. He listed it all for $500, I said I had an offer that maybe was too low at $300, but he was open to it. He was willing to deliver too for an extra $15 and it was a mostly, “Blind,” purchase but I wanted a project to do for fun while I was stuck home recovering. However, the profit from the Skybound Box covered buying it for $315, so why not? Everything was dropped off the day before my surgery and I was careful not to lift as I dragged things to a corner for rooting through while I recovered. I began rooting through it some days later and found some cool stuff I’ll be piecing out for awhile! I’ll list the sales relating to that in a little separate sub-section at the end of this post.

Then I had my hernia surgery on August 10th. It made me incredibly tired and sore.

As I started to feel better I sold two copies of, “Venom,” #27 for a few extra bucks over what I paid on Mercari.

I had a, “Batman: The Adventures Continue,” #2 laying about I sold for $19.

I found a cheap copy of the DVD of the SOV horror-thriller classic, “Blonde Death,” on Amazon for just $18 even thought it is now out of print since its special release some years ago. I bought it, watched it, and then sold it on eBay for $30.

I bought, “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,” in a comic group for $20, read it, laughed at how silly it was, and sold it for $32 on eBay

Got a, “Death Metal,” #3 Robin King variant for cover price at one of my shops I sold for $15 on eBay.

Picked-up some, “Thor,” #6 issues. Sold one for $10, another two for $8, and a spoiler variant for $13. Will keep the rest as I await the teased big moments inside becoming important.

Acquired that, “Power Ranger Drakkon New Dawn,” #1 virgin variant for cover, sold it for $12 on eBay.

Got an extra, “Avengers,” #33 at one of my comic shops for cover and sold it for $19 on eBay.

Bought a, “Strange Academy,” #2 second print for cover, sold it for $12 on Mercari.

Found a, “Mega Man: Fully Charged,” #1 one per store variant for cover, sold it for $14.99 on eBay.

Bought, “Wynd,” #3 virgin variant for cover, sold it for $8.50

Bought, “Venom,” #27 cover A and B for $3.99 and sold them for $15 as a little set on Mercari.

Now then, for everything I sold from that collection during August…

Sold 7 random, “Spider-Man/Deadpool,” comics for $5.67 on Mercari after costs

Sold 7 Harley Quinn Black Book polybags for $10.17 on Mercari after costs

Sold, “Grimm Tales of Terror,” #13 variant for $20 after costs on eBay

Sold, “Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods,” #1 Virgin Variant for $11.44 after costs on eBay

Sold 12 random Zenescope comics for $6.84 on Mercari after costs

Sold, “Batman Versus Predator,” #1-#3 for $15.20 on Mercari after costs

Sold, “Batman: White Knight,” #1 and #2 while giving away #6 for $13.20 on Reddit after costs

Sold, “All-Star Batman,” #1 Kirkham B&W variant as well as a Turner sketch variant, plus, “Gwenpool,” #1 blank variant, and, “Gwenpool Holiday Special,” Midtown Campbell variant, along with a Batman #1 second print Turner variant I gave away for $36.32 on Reddit after costs

Sold, “Dark Nights: Metal,” #2 foil cover for $6.71 on Mercari after costs

Sold, “Edge of Spider-Verse,” #2 Greg Land Marvel Mexico variant, “X-23: Target X,” #1-6, “Red Sonja: Vultures Circle,” #1-#5 with variants, “Red Sonja: Atlantis,” #1, #2, #3, #5, “Batman,” #1 Artgerm variant, “DK III: The Master Race,” #1 Artgerm variant, “Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse,” #5 variant, “Amazing Spider-Man,” #800 Adam Hughes faded variant, “Justice League,” #47 black book regular and sketch variant, “Secret Empire,” #10 Dale Keown variant, “Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman,” #4, “Mighty Thor,” #20 Mary Jane variant, and, “Skybourne,” #1 1:10 ratio and Midtown variant to my Facebook friend for $91.35 after PayPal fees and shipping

I sold a two comic set of, “Vampire Hunter D: Message From Mars,” Artgerm variants on eBay for $20.66 after costs.

I sold 10, “Die, Die, Die,” variants as a set for $6.27 on eBay after costs.

I sold 5 assorted Jim Lee X-Men trading card comic variant covers for $7.47 on Mercari after costs.

Sold, “The Walking Dead,” #100, 3rd print for $9.41 after costs on Mercari.

I sold 23 random issues of, “Alias,” for $11.28 on Mercari after costs.

I sold, “All-Star Batman,” #8 Jim Lee variant for $5.81 after costs.

Sold, “The Walking Dead,” #99, second printing for $9.41 after costs on Mercari.

Gave a stack of Zenescope comics to my friend who gave me $20 as thanks.

Sold a, “Scarlet Witch,” #3 variant for $64.96 on Facebook Marketplace after costs

Sold, “Uncanny X-Men #21,” 1:25 ratio variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson for $25.77 on eBay after costs

Sold a, “Redneck,” #1 on Mercari for $8.51 after costs

Sold a, “Spider-Man/Deadpool,” #2 1:25 ratio variant with a kissing theme for $9.96 after costs

Sold an, “Amazing Spider-Man,” #800 Inhyuk Lee variant cover for, $8.51 after costs.

In Closing

That collection was a good purchase and I’m not even done sorting it still as I’ve been taking it slow on it. Besides it, this was a productive month considering I needed some days off to heal. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and please comment or share your thoughts!


Heal up and enjoy those profits!

And this man once hated spec and selling comics. He is a convert doing well now.

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I only flip books because of you… All your fault… @Anthony

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Great job flipping, have a speedy recovery dude.

I’ve got say I’ve had a lot of sales in August but the coolest things that happened this month for me is waiting. Waiting for a media mail purchase to get here it became 15x more valuable from the time I purchased it to the time I received it. Also in waiting for books at the graders I had a couple of them pop 5x value from the time I sent them in. Crazy comic market these days.

I must say, my Thor #5 that took 3-4 weeks to arrive paid off as well. That book went from like $30 or so bucks to $75 for me when I got to list the few more…

I have many prodigies and love hearing it. Reminds me of…

I never sold a comic until I found you, Poyo, Mel V here at CHU I remember Blind Adams first write up.

I bought like 11 sheriffs of Babylon because you said so. I did sell 10 of them over time so I saw the potential.

I smoke crack because of you as well… :wink:

Any of you folks have any luck with the Vampirella titles? I feel like those are pretty niche and more about the art but that perspective might be completely fabricated in my head. Regardless, I really like this cover but not sure of any resale value. I believe it is $69.99 for both covers. Thoughts?


I appreciate Vampirella covers but from what I’ve seen, they’re all buy because you like, not that they’ll make you any money…

What @agentpoyo said lol

That is what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.

Yep there’s like 97 new Vampirella covers every week some of them are pretty but youre buying it to buy it because next week will be another 106 Vampirella covers but someone’s got to buy them right or they wouldn’t print them.

Ditto here. I found CHU, then flipped my first book, a Lois and Clark #1 1:25, for like $50 profit. Hook, line and sinker.

I wish I got lucky with Vampirella. Oh. You meant selling comics. I will see myself out.

Just kidding. I love the character and buy covers of hers I like. I fully don’t expect anything to come of them.


Yes, he has a Vampirella section in his basement. Do not go in there with a black light… First and Only Warning!!!

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