David's Flipping Report, December 2019-Mid January 2020

I mulled over putting this on my blog, but folk don’t read my posts there about flipping too much besides when I note hot comics. I wanted to share some nitty-gritty stuff though and figured a group such as this would appreciate a report on my flipping as of late. Sometimes I don’t even flip much and am instead getting my comic-budget money through freelance ghostwriting gigs or such, but I had some solid flipping occur or am in the process of getting stuff graded to then flip, so why not share?

Completed Flips:

Simon Hanselmann is a hot indie cartoonist who puts out little self-published comics sometimes with his hit characters Megg, Mogg, Owl, Werewolf Jones, etc. I buy those, read them, and flip them. I sold the latest, “Megahex Winter Trauma Annual,” for $40, I paid $15 for it.

I acquired a handful of those Batman Giant Specials that are exclusive to Target. They cost $10 and trend online for $15-$20, so a pretty small profit after shipping costs if you sell now. I sold a couple, may hold onto some and see what happens.

At a small local comic show, I traded a Funko Pop of, “The Countess,” I got for really cheap previously for a 7.0 copy of Wolverine #1–the 1988 ongoing. Sold that $25

Picked up some of those Iron Man 2020 #1 limited variants for about cover, sold two of them and the free ashcan for $20.

Unloaded issues #1-#6 of, “Wytches,” for a pretty cheap $20. I could’ve tried for more with rumors of an option, but my copies were a little worn, so it wasn’t like if a movie or show were announced it would’ve made any sense to grade them.

Sold issues #1-#8 of, “Secret Invasion,” for $21. Again, worn copies so not too shabby for me.

I got a copy of, “Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1,” for a buck, sold it for $10.

Ongoing Flips:

I am going to get some of my duplicate Moon Knight comics pressed and then send them to CGC. I have a low-quality and higher-quality of #25 of the 1980’s AKA first Black Spectre, so I’ll keep the one in shoddy condition and grade the better one. I also will get a, “Marc Spector: Moon Knight #57,” pressed and graded once a cheap copy in good condition I bought online arrives. Has that snazzy Platt cover with Moon Knight and Spider-Man that riffs on, “Amazing Spider-Man #300.”

I am working at selling some other Simon Hanselmann comics currently too. I maybe am asking too much the places I have them listed and will adjust the price as needed.

I have a number of cheesecake-style comics being graded with CGC right now. A Frankie’s Comics variant for, “Vamp,” and two raunchy, “Notti and Nyce,” covers I got for pretty cheap from a vendor who keeps them in perfect condition. They should hopefully get a 9.8 from CGC and then sell to fans of that artwork for a small-to-decent profit.

Personal Collection Note:

I have a Moon Knight #12 (first Morpheus) I got from a friend years ago that is a double cover misprint. I am getting it graded as I have duplicates of the regular cover versions and it will look really cool with the double cover grade on display in my personal collection.

Nothing crazy, just some nice flips that help fund me buying more comics to read, enjoy, and then keep or flip!

If everyone liked this let me know and I can always post more data about when I am active at flipping. I can try and post pics too when things return from CGC. The more NSFW covers may need some censor bars or a content warning, however!


Nice write up, David. I enjoyed the read. A few thoughts;

  1. That double cover MK is a great book. I have never seen or held a double cover book in my life. I may have to put a double cover book, any book, on my hunting list.
  2. I admire the spectrum of your flipping skills. Very nice innovative and resourceful. Dirty books, Funkos, Indies…taking advantage of all your opportunities. Well done, good sir.
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Thanks for the info. Always cool to see what other people are finding and flipping. Some are very private, but I don’t mind sharing basic stats.

As for me, I recently sent in a grading order for $300 about a month ago, so I’ve been flipping my way to pay that off in full just by profits in comic sales. I had a fantastic 3-4 weeks where going into today I was $20 shy of the mark…blew past it today.

My recent flips:
Batman Beyond 25 & 37. I went all in on these…including buying a bunch of Issue 25 foil from Midtown comics a few months ago for less than cover ($4 ea.).

Peter Parker 76, First Crown (Morbius movie spec). I bought these for cover due to a different speculation…couldn’t sell them until a week ago…paid cover, sold for 3-5 times that.

Thor God of Thunder 19: I thought the Minotaur spec from immortal hulk would have spiked this book, so I had an eye out for it…then spec on the character being in the next Thor movie comes out…just happened to go into a shop that had two copies for cover. Sold the pair for $38.

My shop puts one per store variants on the shelves for most comics at cover. Flipped the power rangers/turtles 1 & 2 for a decent profit. Haven’t been able to flip the Marvel Incoming #1 though.

In order to get some quick cash I put my House of M first edition hardcover up for $50. Sold in a few days.

As for Future Spec, I look for books that have first appearances but still seem to be in stock here and there at TFAW or Midtown. I’ve got a fair number of copies of Far Sector #1 I got for $1. In also stocking up on first appearances in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Books where I can for $1 as those may become hot once the Disney+ series gets closer to the small screen.

Where I’ve failed:
Flashpoint Batman…man, I thought Tom Kings run with Thomas Wayne as a conflicted Angry Dad would push Flashpoint #1 and Flashpoint Batman 1-3 to new speculation heights…ouch. Someday this character will get another chance.

Wolverine 54 & 55 (tie in to Major X characters) JcLu led me astray…well, maybe it was that I should never invest in a Leifeld product outside of NM 98…I was able to move my extra copies without much of a loss…still holding onto to a NM set…

I can’t believe how many people I’ve duped selling New Mutants 98 facsimiles, presenting them on eBay as if they were the first print!!

Kidding on that last one…I’d never do that. just seeing if anyone is still paying attention. :rofl::wink:

That and selling Thomas the Train minis…you buy these things for $1.50 and flip’em for $10!!! Easy to package, cheap to ship…easy money.

That’s what I’ve been up to.

That’s the name of the speculation game… maybe one day…

What was the spec I gave you on Wolvie #54 & #55, @D-Rog? I can not remember.

It had to do with some characters that Showed up in the series 3rd issue. Dead Eye Dick and Pigskin…they first showed up in Wolverine 154…155 I grabbed because Of the Deadpool cover which as paired up with 154.

It’s all good…they’re actually pretty cool covers, considering they are Leifeld’s work.

Hey Dave,
Keep writing whenever you feel like it! I always enjoy hearing about what others are flipping and collecting!

Thanks for the compliment on my wide-range of things I like flipping, @jcLu

Sounds like you flip pretty well yourself, @D-Rog!

Glad you liked my writing, @rob92807! I was worried it would be boring or rambly.

Hey, I didn’t get those updated photos from you… better send them or your forum posting days are limited! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t usually talk about it but i do sell adult books and they sell well. Picked up some first print of early cherry books recently for $1 each. Tho use are an easy flip if I can find bags and boards that fit their order size. Yeah great write up.

Don’t buy the adult books from @Anthony, all the pages stick together, they’re definitely those bathroom copies he’s been talking about… :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t that mean they are worth more?