David's Flipping Report July 2020

I would say July was pretty eventful in terms of buying and selling! I also want to comment that I love more folk are sharing their tales of flipping having apparently been inspired by my own sharing of my exploits. It is touching to know I am useful for something.

On another note, I am having hernia surgery on August 10th. It is for my stomach, outpatient, and supposedly, “Minor,” but I imagine that will stop me from doing as much for at least a couple weeks. Thankfully I have a friend willing to swing by a shop or two of the ones I frequent and pick-up whatever I call into the stores requesting they hold for me besides my regular pulls. That’ll ensure I at least have some reading while I’m recovering and then once I’m better I may have a little stockpile to list. With all that said, here is my flipping report:

I bought a, “Batman #152,” for just $25 in 3.0 or so condition. I sold it along with a, “Thor,” #150 that was falling apart I got a for a dollar and an old indie title, “Burnt Comix,” I’d had for years. I sold the three on Reddit in a comic group for $45.

I sold a chunk of filler stuff I had to a friend for $40, just a bunch of kinda random dollar-bin stuff and vaguely notable stuff I didn’t want to bother individually listing. It was maybe a loss compared to what I originally paid for it all when I bought some of it new or cheap-ish, but I’d had it all awhile and was happy to unload it.

Had a friend with some old stuff he wanted to sell. Bought a really old, “Strange Tales,” #35 from April 1955. It was in 1.0 condition but I noted none seemed to be for sale on eBay and those that had sold brought in a decent amount even beat-up. I paid $15 to my friend (he at first was asking $20 but knocked off $5) and after I put it up on eBay it sold within the hour for $45. The same friend had beat-up, “Daredevil,” #11 I got from them for $10. I sold it on Mercari for $18 so after shipping I broke-even on that. I mainly got the, “Daredevil,” however because they knocked-off $5 on the, “Strange Tales,” #35 if I was gonna buy anything else, so it was overall good savings.

Dug my copy of, “War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas,” #1 out of my collection and put it online. Got $10 for it on eBay. It somehow arrived damaged (they sent pics), so I had to refund it. Sigh.

When I saw, “Strange Academy,” #1 was picking-up steam I checked some of my local shops. One had two copies of #1 with the regular cover. I sold them for $15 and $22 on eBay. Got a Skottie Young variant at another shop and it sold for $16.50.

Sold my “Ezequiel Himes: Zombie Hunter,” #1 I got for cover for $10 in a Reddit comic group.

I like a lot of what SCOUT Comics puts out and had a copy of, “It Eats What Feeds It,” #1. I saw that was getting a little warm and sold my copy for $10 on eBay!

Swung by Half Price Books early one day (with my mask, of course) and browsed a bit. Found some low-grade goodies for cheap I managed to buy and then sell at about a $40 profit in my Facebook comic groups. Had a low-grade first appearance of MODOK, the Avengers Annual with first Rogue, first Cloak and Dagger, and Daredevil #8 with good ol’ Stilt-Man. Everything was beat to Hell, but still minor keys and worth a bit more than I paid to buy them.

I also found a random, “Rip Hunter,” comic at HPB for a dollar. Sold it for $15 on Mercari.

Snagged a copy of the, “Strange Academy,” #1 second print at the comic shop I sold for $16.50 along with a bundle deal I did of issue #2 with the regular and Adams cover that I sold for $25. Both were eBay.

Got the, “Wynd,” #2 virgin variant that was one per store for cover, sold it for $12.50 via eBay.

Speaking of, “Wynd,” Sanctum Santorum had a Peach Momoko variant set for, "Wynd #2 I got for 40-ish and sold for $76 once I had it and was able to ship it out.

Was at Target buying groceries the day the SDCC exclusives were on sale and managed to grab one Cyborg Superman and the Stan Lee in his outfit from, “Iron Man 2.” They were $15 each plus some tax. Sold Stan Lee for $34 and Cyborg Superman for $26.50 on eBay.

Grabbed Venom #26 at the shop and sold it for $14 on Mercari. The buyer was an ass and left me 3 stars. The first time I ever got a review that low. They only had one other rating so clearly I need to steer clear of folk with little feedback on Mercari.

Bought that, “Venom,” #26 Peach Momoko cover trade dress and virgin variant set from The Comic Mint when it went on sale. It came in and I sold it for $98, so I made $45 or so.

Sold my copy of, “Sobek,” I had owned for a bit for $22 in a Facebook group of local Saint Louis comic collectors.

Got $11 for my copy of, “Venom 2099,” I had laying around. Sold it on Mercari.

In a Reddit group someone wanted hardcovers of Brubaker and Philips comics. I had one of their earliest collaborations, “Scene of the Crime,” in hardcover, I’ve owned it for years. Sold it for $20 to them.

Bought the special Wii releases of, “Retro City Rampage,” and, “Shakedown Hawaii,” when the publisher sold them, only 3,000 copies were made of each and they may very well be the last Wii games ever produced for that old console. Paid $64 total for them. Sold, “Shakedown Hawaii,” right at the end of July for $43 and hope to sell, “Retro City Rampage,” soon so that I turn a profit. If not, “Retro City Rampage,” was a good game and it’s cool to have the Wii version as a neat piece of memorabilia anyway.

At everyone’s recommendation I picked-up those, “Thor,” issues at my comic shop. I sold two third-print variants of #2 for $14.99 each. I also grabbed the new second printing of #5 which I sold for $14.99 as well. I got three copies of #4 that I sold for $10 each to one buyer on eBay—saved me shipping so I was happy.

At the tail end of July one shop I go to actually had a, “Strange Academy,” #2 just sitting on the shelves. Got it for cover and sold it for $11.

That’s about it. Thanks for being a great community, everyone!

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I’m just gonna tack my report on yours…

I’m not gonna go into a detailed report but I will say the last 90 days has been good for eBay sales for me as I don’t sell a lot of stuff but I’ve sold 68 books making $2,770.26. That’s an average of $40 a book. I think most if not all the books I’ve sold were all cover price books at the time I purchased. :slight_smile:

So if I averaged $4 a book, that puts my total profit around the $2500 mark. :smiley:

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I like that you have a wide variety of books. That always helps along with all the other groups and Mercari.

It’s a grind for me. All my purchases are through eBay. On days that I work at my job I spend an average of 4-6 hours scrolling through my saved searches and adding new ones. Days I’m off work it’s usually an all day thing. Except when napping. Gotta have those naps.

When I sell I do very well. In the process of a huge sale right now. More about that later.

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Since my name is David too, I can hijack this thread. Mwaaa haaa haaa!

$775 in sales in July, not counting my Legends of the Dark Knight #1 presales. I’ll report those next Month. Here they are.

All were NM or better and acquired for cover price except where noted:

  • Negan Lives Silver variant $35
  • Thor #2 (1st, Design Variant) $25
  • Thor #2 (3rd) $14
  • Thor #3 (1st) $30
  • Thor #5 $40
  • Moon Girl & DD #1 (Hip Hop) $35
  • Invincible Iron Man 7 NM- $75
  • Invincible Iron Man 9 (2nd) VF/NM $25
  • Invincible Iron Man 9 (2nd) NM- $30
  • Flashpoint Knights of Vengence #1 NM- $15
  • Flashpoint #1 Cyborg Variant VF/NM $15
  • Legion of Super Heroes 6 cover A $15
  • Legion of Super Heroes 6 cover B $15
  • Venom 12 (2nd) VF/NM $25 (Paid $7)
  • Venom 19 (2nd) VF/NM $25
  • Venom 19 (2nd) NM $49
  • Venom 25 (2nd) $25
  • Venom 26 A $14
  • Catwoman 13A $20
  • Star Wars Knight of the Old Rep 7 $50 (paid $12)
  • Strange Academy #1 Walmart 3pack $25
  • Something is Killing the Children VF/NM $40
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #6 x2, $13 & $15
  • Power Rangers Slayer #1 1perStore $20
  • MMPR / TMNT #5 1perStore $15
  • Hawkeye #9 VF+ $13
  • Hawkeye #9 VF/NM $17

Dollar Bin Flips:

  • Infamous Iron Man #1 VF+ $6
  • Annihilation Conquest Wraith 3&4 VF $20

I also sold an Aquaman #15 Middleton variant which is an awesome Black Manta cover. For the first time since I’ve switched to a very robust packaging scheme (~2 yrs) I had a comic arrive damaged. In fact it looked totaled to the point I wanted to see the packaging to know what I did wrong because the way I package an NFL kicker could boot it 60 yds and it’d still be safe.

Person said the package wasn’t damaged, and didn’t provide pictures. It was $13 so I just refunded it. Wasn’t worth it, but the facts were not adding up. So that was my bad experience for July.

Obviously a good month…one of my best…maybe my best in 20+ years on eBay.


I have been relatively busy this last month or so, after a few slower months during covid. I have recently switched gears with my flipping, going from a sell anything I can make money on approach, to a selling more keys when the timing is right. So, I’ve spent covid clearing out some less valued books that I had, and over the last month I have been flipping a lot Spider family stuff (Venom, Silk, Miles, Pete…).