David's Flipping Report June 2020

June was decent for selling stuff, but nothing wild. Had some personal stuff occur that took-up a good deal of time and energy. My mother in law passed suddenly from a heart attack on June 13th and that was a major source of sadness as we were pretty close. It has been a rough six months for my wife and me, but buying and selling helps bring me joy, so that’s good! I’ll now share everything of note that is worth discussing or that I don’t need to keep secret/disinclude for some reason.

The Flips

I kicked off June buying a, “Marvel Action Avengers,” #10 with the first full yellow Hulk for cover price and sold it for $28 on eBay.

I backed my first Lady Death Kickstarter–“Lady Death: Malevolent Decimation,” and once everything came in that I pledged $25 for I sold the extra knick-knacks for $10, one cover for $29 (cosplay theme), another for $16 (Mike Krome variant) and the other for $9.99 (black and white premiere). Not a bad profit with all the bonuses for my $25. All those sales were eBay.

Got some of those, “Legion of Super-Heroes,” #6 that had heat. Sold a Cover B for $12 and a set of Cover A and Cover B for $25 on eBay.

Got a Notti and Nyce Halloween Cosplay cover (the less risque, “Nice,” variant) graded by CGC and sold it for $55 on eBay. After what I paid for the comic and its grading basically broke even. Oh well.

Sold a, “Real Pulp Comics,” #1 with the first Zippy the Pinhead prototype appearance for $13. I got it for a buck a year or so ago. Not a bad eBay sale.

Had a copy of the Fantagraphics Underground release of Katie Skelly’s comic, “The Agency,” I noticed was trending for a decent price. I didn’t really need it anymore so I sold it on eBay for $40. When I bought it a year or two ago it was just $20-ish.

I bought some Avtar Press comics someone had listed on Mercari for $16 when I saw most were dollar books but there was an, “Avatar Illustrated: Summer 1996,” which I know has the first appearance of, “The Goon,” in a solitication-style preview. Sold that individual issue on eBay for $30 and kept the other ones as I have a soft spot for older Avatar Press books.

Got those, “Wynd #1,” one-per-store variants. Got one for cover and another for $10. Sold them as a duo for $34 to a pleased buyer on eBay.

Had some kinda-notable Frank Miller cover Daredevil comics. Sold three random ones as a group for $13 on Mercari.

Barely broke even on those Golden-age horror comics I had, maybe even lost $20. Sold one on eBay and the other on Mercari. I should only dabble in the fields I know better, as Golden Age stuff is a bit beyond my forte.

Was digging in my storage unit and found I had a, “Final Crisis,” #7. This was when Calvin Ellis was hot a couple weeks ago as the President Superman. Sold it for $25 on Mercari.

Found some newsstand Astonishing X-Men comics when checking my unit too. I sold them here to my chum, @ToddW on the CHU forums!

Got two copies of that, “Skullgirls: Second Encore,” game when they had another sale on the Skybound website. Cost me $64 to get two and sold them as a duo for $105 on eBay.

Bought an, “All-New Marvel Now Point One,” #1 I thought would be a 9.8 candidate for $49 on Mercari (where I have bought one that WAS 9.8 before). It was more of a 9.4 or 9.6 with a color breaks and a spine tic I doubt a press would have helped. Sold it on Ebay for $45 and took the loss.

Bought a, “Thor: God of Thunder,” #2 that was in 9.4 from a chum eager to sell it for some funds so he could buy a higher grade one to send to CGC. I paid him $25. Sold it on Mercari for $45 after letting it sit for a bit with the disclaimer it wasn’t perfect.

Bought a really beat-up, “Daredevil,” #16 featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man in a Daredevil comic form my friend too. It was 3.5/VG- and he only wanted $5 for it. I sold it on Mercari for $35. Yes, this friend knows I often sell stuff I buy from him, and he does the same with stuff he has bought from me, so it’s all kosher and not morally questionable.

Had a, “Skullkickers,” #1 I bought for maybe cover price some time ago. Sold it on eBay for $15 when the news of an option broke.

Got the Marvel Max, “Werewolf By Night Mini-Series,” from the dollar bin for $4 total (it is four issues). Sold the run for $20 on eBay.


It was a productive month which had some wins and some losses. I know a lot about modern books, a decent amount about bronze (and underground comics from that time), an okay amount about certain Silver-age characters or comics, and am admittedly lacking in much Golden-age knowledge. That hurt me in my effort to do a big impressive flip with old beat-up horror books worth about what I paid (or less what I paid) for them. Things worked out well with stuff I know a bit more in-depth however. Now we shall see what July holds!

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David :: I always seem to find your posts strangely uplifting …

As always, good job … :vulcan_salute:

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I need to put together one of these. Unfortunately my name is also David, and would need a different catchy title.

You always provide an interesting read, David. Keep 'em coming.

I was going to suggest you use your name and last initial, but OTHER David works well too as I see you posted!

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I enjoy sharing my exploits with those interested in them. It would be a bit dry for a blog post, but makes a great forum post for those intrigued by my dealings!

I love seeing them. Love knowing what others are selling. Always gives me room to look for books in my collection to sell.

There’s a guy at my work with the same first/last name as me. We used to always get each other’s email. I added a middle initial to my email and suggested he do the same so it would be clear there were two different people. He refused. So now when someone starts typing my name his email address comes up first and people have a tendency to send stuff to the name without the middle initial as they don’t seem to notice there is a second name with an initial, or know that it’s not the same person.

Been that way for 20 years now…I guess getting my emails was never that much a bother…