David's Flipping Report March 2020

Here we are again, looking at how my flipping went in the past month. March was actually quite busy, until towards the end when it petered out some and I expect April to be pretty dead beside some books hopefully finishing grading soon with CGC and then shipping back to me.

Here is a somewhat-chronological look at March from its start to end…

Right at the start of the month went to someone’s house who had been posting on Craigslist of all places about having some older comics. I looked into him on Facebook and he seemed to not be crazy so I went to the house and picked through a chunk of long boxes. Bought a beat-to-hell copy of Captain America #109 for a buck I sold in a Facebook group for $12, as well as #107 and #112 for $12 or so each which I sold on Mercari for $20 each. Got a, “West Coast Avengers,” #45 for a dollar from the guy’s house I picked-through as well which I sold for $13 on eBay. Lastly, some older Marvel horror comics were at the house–“Giant-Size Chillers,” &, “Beware,” I got for a couple of bucks and sold for $10 on Mercari.

I acquired issue #1 and #3 of, “Truth: Red, White, and Black,” for a handful of bucks, sold them for $18 on Mercari as I saw they were heating-up due to speculation about possible a Young Avengers show.

I snatched up a bunch of, “Batman,” #90 with the first appearance of the designer I sold for around $15-$17 each, some in bundles.

I acquired a copy of, “Hulk,” #1 with the first red Hulk on the cover, as well as a limited variant of the first issue and a copy of #2 at a small local comic show the first weekend of March before everything started shutting down. Paid about $55 total for all of it and made $110 total between eBay and Mercari so a nice profit.

At that little comic event, I bought, “Lois Lane,” #65 and #66 for $4 total, sold them for $10 on Mercari.

On Poshmark I got a killer deal on two Funko Pops. I paid a bit under $100 for a, “Sonny the Cuckoo,” one that is rare and a version of the company mascot, Freddy Funko, as the Blue Power Ranger. Sold them on Mercari for about $210 total.

I acquired a, “Spider-Woman,” secret variant for cover-price, sold it for $15.

I bought a copy of, “Tales from the Crypt,” #20 for $9 on Mercari, listed as just a random horror comic but it caught my eye and some sleuthing helped me figure out its value. It is the first issue with that infamous name, earlier issues had a different name. It had no cover but was otherwise complete so I got $40 for it on eBay.

Sold a Simon Hanselmann comic titled, “Below Ambition,” I got from his direct sale (limited to 900 copies). It was $18 or so for it and I sold it for $45 on eBay.

Picked-up the one-per-store variant of, “Once & Future,” #7 for about $8, sold it for $15. Tiny profit, but a profit nonetheless.

Sold some old Michael DeForge stuff I had lying around for $40-ish total. The, “Elizabeth of Canada,” mini-comic with tow issues and a, “Kid Mafia Digest,” I acquired forever ago and decided to list while cleaning-up to pass time in lockdown.

Half Price Books had their big sale where for one day you can buy a single item for 50% off. I bought, “Batman,” #183 with the second appearance of Poison Ivy for $20. Sold it on Mercari for $47.

I had an extra, “Moon Knight,” #25 in my collection that was much more beat-up than my nicer copy, so I sold it on Mercari for $14

Also dug-up my, “Astonishing X-Men,” #3 and #6 with the first appearance of Abigail Brand and S.W.O.R.D in kinda worn condition. Sold them for $17 on eBay.

I had a lot of old comic and video-game posters I took out while organizing and listed on Mercari, sold them for around $30 total after shipping and fees on a variety of them.

I sold that, “Notti & Nyce,” comic I shared in the other topic-post (the cheerleader one) to a friend who collects cheesecake-style CGC comics for $60 and threw in some other cheap items for him as he’s a chum. We met in a comic Facebook group.

That is what my March looked like!

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Never used Mercari for selling comics. What’s the fee for using them?

Mercari takes a 10% cut. They also will give you a shipping label if you want that deducted from your total profit too, but you have the option to ship yourself. I generally ship myself via PayPal. One thing with Mercari is you don’t get paid until the buyer verifies the item arrived and they are happy. Also, your payment goes into a balance you then can transfer to your bank over a few business days or immediately for a $2 fee. Hence, Mercari costs about the same as eBay with fees, but I feel like some people use it who don’t use eBay so it gets my stuff more exposure.

Thanks man. I’ll look into setting up an account.

I bought the Astonishing X-Men Newsstands you had listed.

Well snap! It was indeed a Todd/you. I’m glad my comics I found will please you. I threw in an extra comic just to be friendly (a little ashcan for a Batman comic) and now I’m doubly glad I did as it is going to a fellow CHU-fan! I hope you agree with my assessment they were 8.0/VF AKA kinda worn now that I know you’ve got an extra critical eye. I made sure to list them that way and hope you’re still pleased.

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The pics showed them pretty well and I agreed with the grade you gave them. I’ve only seen a copy or two of the newsstands of those issues come onto eBay in the last year so I was happy to scoop them up. I’ve had it saved and they rarely come up.

My major obsession is post 2000 Marvel Newsstands and if they have first appearances even better. I was pleased to see your name pop up thanking me for my purchase as I’ve seen you post here. I like some of the obscure independents you have as well. I’m really trying to get into the 60’s & 70’s Underground’s but I’m always sidetracked by another great deal.

I appreciate the freebie as well.

Yeah, I honestly never know what I might dig-up while I got through my collection during this pandemic and am surprised by what I find at comic shows or stores to flip and hope to find again once the pandemic lockdown ends. I definitely have a soft-spot for Underground comics and how surreal and over-the-top they were. Just the visceral drawings and, “Screw it, let’s just go nuts,” kind of attitude.

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