David's Flipping Report May 2020

May wasn’t exactly quiet but lacked too much in the way of buy-and-sell craziness.

I snatched up the four-issue mini-series, “Ball and Chain,” once I heard the announcement of a movie from Atomic Avenue from the one seller who had a first issue and the other three. I got them all for under $20 and sold the lot for $40.

I bought three copies of, “Youngblood,” #2 from a chum of mine who only wanted $12 for them and sold them all for $12 each on eBay and Mercari.

I bought a, “Cherry Poptart Volume IV,” trade paperback for $12, sold it for $25. I got it more to read (I enjoy saucy comics now-and-then), but listed it on lark after I read it and it sold within a day.

I found a, “Mighty Avengers,” #13 in a dollar bin at Vstock when I went for their Memorial Day sale (I wore my mask and used sanitizer of course). It was only $2 and comics were BOGO, so I got it with a random other comic I don’t recall and with the sale it was essentially free. I sold it for $12 on eBay.

One of my bigger sales was getting a copy of, “Skullgirls: Second Encore,” for the Nintendo Switch from Skybound’s website. I get their emails and they put 250 copies up for sale for $35 retail. I sold my copy for $62 within 24 hours of it arriving.

I bought a, “Blackwood: The Mourning After,” #3 Peach Momoko variant for cover price and sold it for $15 on eBay.

Got a, “New Gods #9,” when rumors abounded about All-Widow. It cost me $10 and I sold it for $29 on Mercari.

I bought two Nova #1 when it was getting more buzz. Cost me about $100 total to get some decent-grade copies and sold them for $160 overall between Mercari and a comic-selling Facebook group.

Bought a, “Moon Knight,” #25 with the first appearance of Black Spectre in 9.0-ish condition for just $25 on eBay. It was an amazing deal and I was thinking of getting it pressed and graded. I set it on the table, one of my cats jumped up on the table, I yelled in shock for it to get down, it jumped off the comic and ripped through the bag it was in and sliced the front of the comic. I was hot-pissed. I was still able to sell the comic for $35 on Mercari to someone who said they would probably tape it and just display it because it looked great otherwise and make $5 basically after fees and shipping. Still, not fun.

That is everything I can readily recall from May.


Oh boy…cats. Love my cats but sometimes. I also collect vintage video games and memorabilia. Anyway I put up new shelving, one of the shelves had my original Neo Geo console sitting on it and not five minute of putting it up one of my cats jumped on it and down came the Neo Geo… Now in pieces. This also happened a few days after we got rid of carpet and put in hard wood flooring…Sigh. At least the giant box is in great shape.

My moms cars used to bite holes in mine. Right through the bag and board.